Polk County Fire District No. 1

On Sept. 12, the following people were sworn in as Firefighter/Paramedics (left to right):

JJ Oliveros, Evan Allen, Austin Champ, Mike McIntosh, Sean McMurry, and Lukas Martin. Being sworn in as Fire Inspector, Troy Crafton (right)

Polk County Fire District No. 1 swore in seven employees at their September board meeting. Information about each of them was provided by Polk Fire District No. 1 Chief Ben Stange.


JJ Oliveros

JJ Oliveros was born and raised in the area.

He graduated from Central High School and completed paramedic classes at Chemeketa Community College.

Oliveros became a resident volunteer at Polk Fire and landed his first EMS job at Dallas EMS.

He lives in Independence with his wife, Hayley and daughter Sophie.

I have noticed a couple of things about JJ while working with him, he knows everyone.

We go on a call and everyone knows him. He likes working on home improvement projects, maybe so he can tell Hayley he needs to purchase a new tool.

He is passionate about Jujitsu and enjoys playing guitar. Oliveros is bilingual in Spanish and has a terrible fake laugh.

JJ brings experience to Polk Fire from many different agencies.

Evan Allen

Evan Allen was born in West Virginia and graduated High School in Ohio.

His original career choice was to become a professional kick boxer.

Growing up with three brothers, he thought this would be a good career choice.

He changed his mind quickly and entered the fire service. When he was 24 years old he started taking EMT classes.

His first fire service employment was for Northeast Champaign Fire District.

Allen moved to Oregon in 2017.  He enjoys hiking and looking for new streams to fly fish.  He still enjoys sparring with friends and powerlifting.


Austin Champ

Austin Champ grew up in and around the Dallas area.

He graduated from Dallas High School and began to take classes to be a Fish & Wildlife Trooper.

Champ was recruited by Dallas Fire Chief Dennis Unger volunteer as a firefighter.

He caught the bug.

Champ switched career paths and began attending Chemeketa Community College where he studied courses in firefighting and EMS.

He graduated as a paramedic while he was a resident volunteer at Polk County Fire District No.1.

Champ worked at Dallas Fire full time as a firefighter/paramedic for two years prior to being hired at Polk Fire in October of 2018.

Champ currently lives in Dallas with his girlfriend Bobbi, and their dogs Jerry and Bear.

He spends his free time assisting Dallas Fire Department, fishing, hunting, doing home improvement projects and spending time with family.

Michael McIntosh

Mike McIntosh was born and grew up in the Portland area.

As he grew up, he witnessed his brother suffer from seizures and medical issues.

He realized at a young age, that he wanted to be able to help his family and others as well.  McIntosh was impressed by the fire and EMS personnel who responded to help his brother and that sealed his fate.

After High School, McIntosh attended the fire science program at Portland Community College, and later the paramedic program at Chemeketa Community College.

He has volunteered at Boring Fire District and has worked for several agencies including Falck Ambulance prior to being hired at Polk County Fire District No.1 in 2019.

McIntosh currently lives in Salem with his wife Brittney and his dogs Marlow and Finley.  They enjoy travelling, hiking, camping, physical fitness, and home improvement projects in his time off of work.


Lukas Martin

Lukas Martin grew up in McMinnville and graduated from Mac High School in 2001. After high school, Martin joined the United States Marines and served from 2001-2005. During that time deployed overseas.

 Martin lives in Carlton with his wife Shawna and their three children.

Martin has been a volunteer with Carlton fire department for almost 10 years, Lukas received his paramedic license last year and work for Metro West Ambulance before working at Polk Fire.

Martin enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and fishing.

Sean McMurry

Sean McMurry grew up in Central Oregon where he became an avid snow skier.

In 1998 Sean started in the fire service as a student with Sunriver Fire, studying fire science and obtaining his paramedic license in 2001.

McMurry currently lives in Beaver Creek with his wife Gina where they are raising their teenage daughter.

McMurry spends his off time working on projects on his property, skiing in the winter and playing music with friends.

He loves to travel, with his most notable trip to India a few years ago.

Troy Crafton

Troy Crafton joined Polk Fire last April.

It had been seven years since Polk County Fire District had a Fire Marshal.

In that time, whomever was the sitting Fire Chief just sort of did their best.

Before pursuing fire prevention, Crafton had already succeeded in another profession — he was an aircraft mechanic in the Army.

After serving our country, he went to work in the private sector.

Through the military and private sector Crafton has taken many trips to countries throughout the Middle East as well as Australia.

This coming fall, in addition to his workload with Polk Fire, Crafton will be working as a full-time student continuing his education to improve his skills in fire prevention and leadership.

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