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The Polk County public safety levy and several local board races are on the ballot in the May 21 special district election. 

POLK COUNTY – The Polk County Clerk’s Office posted initial Special District Election results shortly after 8 p.m. on election night.

Polk County’s public safety levy reauthorization, Measure 27-129, is passing in initial results with 8,860 yes votes or 68 percent to 4,201 no votes or 32 percent in early results. If it passes, it will charge voters to 42.5 cents per $1,000 of assessed value on properties for the next five years.

The levy would maintain what it pays for now – 12 patrol deputies; five jail staff members; three prosecutors in the district attorney office; two support staff members in the DA’s office; and two juvenile detention beds. It would also add one patrol deputy in year one, and potentially another in year three or four, if needed.

Below are the contested races for local school boards, and the Dallas Cemetery District.

Dallas School Board, Position No. 2: Incumbent Matt Posey is winning in early results with 2,184 votes or 62 percent. Scott Short is in second with 846 votes or 24 percent and Leland Schlenker is third with 484 votes or 14 percent.

Perrydale School Board, Position No. 4: The race is neck-and-neck in early results, with incumbent Anna Scharf trailing ever so slightly with 87 votes to challenger Jenn Larson’s 90 votes.

Dallas Cemetery District, Position No. 3: Sue Olmstead leads with 1,831 or 64 percent in early results. Opponent John Barbour has 994 votes or 35 percent.

Position No. 5: Sharon “Robbie” Brand leads Rod Watson in early results 1,522 or 56 percent to 1,191 votes or 43 percent.

For full results: https://www.co.polk.or.us/clerk/elections/may-21-2019-special-district-election-results.

For more on election results, see the May 29 I-O.

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