Indy student makes dean’s list

HAMDEN, Conn. — Austin Calvo, of Independence, was named to the dean’s list for the fall 2017 semester at Quinnipiac University.

To qualify for the dean’s list, students must earn a grade-point average of at least 3.5 with no grade lower can C. Full-time students must complete at least 14 credits in a semester, with at least 12 credits that have been graded on a letter grade basis to be eligible. Part-time students must complete at least six credits during a semester.

Santiam Christian announces honor roll

ADAIR VILLAGE — Santiam Christian School announced the following Polk County students on its honor roll.

12th grade — 4.0 grade-point average: Kyle Paratore (Independence), Zachary Watson (Dallas), Jenny Wei (Independence), Billy Zhang (Dallas). 3.5 and higher gpa: Kaylee Breyman (Independence), Grace Moseman (Dallas), Dayna Mulkey (Monmouth), Hoang Nguyen (Dallas), Rebeka Preston (Independence), Buckley Sheng (West Salem).

11th grade — 4.0 gpa: Tony Li (Dallas), Jason Manzi (Monmouth). 3.50 gpa and higher: Calista Braziel (Monmouth), Winn Miller (West Salem), Shelby Myrick-Duckett (Independence), Cole Setniker (Dallas).

10th grade — 4.0 gpa: Ainsley Beam (Monmouth). 3.50 and higher gpa: Dane Anderson (Dallas), Shea Carley (Independence), Abigail Chaffee (Dallas), Malte Hebrok (Dallas), Strahinja Ljevnaic (Dallas), Amanda Preston (Independence), Wenxuan (Lloyd) Yang (Dallas).

Ninth grade — 4.0 gpa: Caroline Conolly (Dallas). 3.5 gpa and higher: Joshua Chapin (Falls City), Ben Steffen (Independence).

Eighth grade — 4.0 gpa: Eli Cummins (Monmouth), Ely Kennel (Monmouth), Jamie Myrick-Duckett (Independence). 3.5 gpa and higher: Abi Von Derahe (Monmouth).

Seventh grade — 4.0 gpa: Brinley Beam (Monmouth), McKenna Metzler (Dallas), Caleb Ness (Monmouth). 3.5 gpa and higher: Casey Chapin (Falls City), Alison Killion (Independence), Lottie Lowery (Independence), Ryann Slegers (West Salem), Madi Von Derahe (Monmouth).

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