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Sen. Brian Boquist on the Senate floor.

POLK COUNTY — The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two letters and three voicemails that contain threats against Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas).

“They all referenced the State Police and to get back and do ‘his job’ in one way or another,” Polk County Sheriff Mark Garton said. “Based on those statements, they must have been talking about the walkout and Governor (Kate Brown) asking OSP to locate the senators. The general gist of all the letters and voicemails stem from Sen. Boquist’s comments about sending bachelors and be heavily armed.”

Republican senators walked out June 20 to stop a vote on a sweeping environmental proposal.

Brown ordered OSP to bring back the senators.

Boquist said state police sent out to bring him in should be “bachelors” and be “heavily armed.”

The first letter is postmarked June 21 out of Portland, Garton said.

He said the return address is the State Capitol.

The sheriff’s office was contacted on June 24, he said.

“One of the letters was sent to his home,” Garton said. “My guess is they were both sent on the same day, but since they were not at the Capitol over the weekend, Sen. Boquist’s office didn’t actually receive it until the (June 24) when they came into work.”

Garton said since all mail is sorted through Portland, it is difficult to determine where the letters were actually sent from.

The letter threatened Boquist’s life “by referencing putting his head in crosshairs,” Garton said. “There were other threats, too, about physical violence.”

Since that first letter was reported, the sheriff’s office learned there was another letter sent to Boquist, to his office at the Capitol.

“We also have that letter and it’s very similar to the first one,” Garton said. “There were also several voicemails left on his work phone that we are gathering, too, to see if there is any connection between the different threats.”

The voicemails appear to be from the same person, Garton said.

“One is questionable as there is background noise, but they all have the same type of mannerisms and overall theme,” he said. “Basically, all the voicemails were making statements about hoping OSP follows through with bringing lots of ammo.”

Garton listened to the voicemails and said they contain threats against Boquist and his family.

He said a voicemail also contained this message toward Boquist, “You have to remember Brian, there are far more Democrats in this state with guns than Republicans.”

The investigation is still open and anyone with information may contact Sgt. Tyrone Jenkins at 503-623-9251.

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