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Tolls to ride the Buena Vista and Wheatland ferries will change on March 15.

Itemizer-Observer report

SALEM — The cost of riding the Buena Vista Ferry is scheduled to change on March 15.

Upcoming toll changes have been posted at both ferries to inform people that ride the ferries on a regular basis. You can view all Marion County ferry toll rates on the county’s website at: www.co.marion.or.us/PW/ferries.

Tolls for the Wheatland Ferry in Keizer will also change. The price for vehicles less than 22 feet in length, which includes motorcycles, passenger cars and pickups, will increase $1. The new Wheatland Ferry rate will match the rate already in effect at the Buena Vista Ferry. The toll for motorcycles, cars and pickups will remain unchanged at the Buena Vista Ferry. Bicycle tolls will remain unchanged and pedestrians will continue to be allowed to ride both ferries for free.

“The two ferries operated by Marion County provide an important transportation resource for various segments of the county,” A Marion County news release said. “The upcoming toll increases will not make the ferry program profitable, but are designed to keep operating losses to a manageable level while keeping toll rates as low as possible. This will be the first rate increase for the Wheatland ferry in 12 years.”

New rates: Bicycle, $1; motorcycle, $2; vehicle less that 22 feet, $3; vehicle more than 22 feet, $6; vehicle more than 42 feet, $9; and single-load vehicle, $18.

Those with questions or concerns about the upcoming toll changes, email your comments to MCDPW@co.marion.or.us.

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