DALLAS -- Ascentec Engineering LLC, a manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies for the semiconductor and aerospace industries,  announced the opening of its new location in Dallas on Friday.

The 131,000 square foot facility located at 1270 Monmouth Cutoff Road, formerly home to Praegitzer/Tyco, will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation and facility set-up that will take two to three years to fully complete.  Initial repairs, modernization and site readiness work is underway. 

The facility that was once a highly productive and advanced PCB fabrication site will be transformed into a state-of-the-art modern CNC manufacturing environment with a focus on automation and robotic manufacturing.     "In evaluating new locations to expand, Ascentec Engineering chose the Dallas location due to its proximity with their current headquarters in Tualatin in addition to local universities and community colleges’ CNC technical centers," the announcement read. "The area has a great reputation attracting hardworking employees, which aligns well with the Ascentec values."

Through this expansion Ascentec will be investing more than $10 million in the acquisition, remodeling and set up of the facility and ultimately put money back into the Dallas community. 

"The addition of Ascentec Engineering in Dallas, Oregon will not only bring more career opportunities to residents in the area, but this addition will also bring innovation, collaboration, and fulfillment to the entire community, the announcement said.

Ascentec will be hiring positions ranging from CNC machinists and CAD/CAM programmers to QA technicians and finishing/deburr technicians. 

Ascentec Engineering was founded locally in 2001 by a team of engineers with a diverse background in various manufacturing processes. The company's preliminary mission to design innovative and productivity enhancing tools/fixtures. Based in Tualatin, Ascentec has expanded to other continents with offices and facilities in India and Malaysia and now Dallas.     

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