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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office seized a shipping container filled with illegal marijuana product May 27 after it was partially destroyed by a fire.

Itemizer-Observer report

DALLAS — On the morning of May 27, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fire in the South Kings Valley Highway area outside of Dallas. Deputies quickly learned this fire was the result of an explosion that occurred inside of an illegal marijuana extraction lab.

The lab was located inside of a greenhouse, which was near an occupied residence.

Two people, Jameel Fabela, 29, from Jefferson, and Joel Nielsen, 21, from Corvallis, were arrested and charged with first-degree arson incident to manufacture of cannabiniod extract and unlawful manufacture of marijuana item.

Detectives executed multiple warrants over the course of six days and seized lab production equipment and evidence as well as illegal marijuana products, including a shipping container filled with illegal marijuana product. Numerous jars of finished BHO (Butane Hash Oil) were seized with an estimated value of $100,000.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office received assistance from the Oregon State Police, State Fire Marshal’s Office and Polk County Public Works.

The PCSO warns the public of the danger in illegal marijuana production operations.

“While marijuana is legal in many ways, the illegal, unlicensed and poorly constructed extraction labs pose a significant risk to the public,” a PCSO Facebook post read. “Please contact your local law enforcement agency about any suspicious activity related to illegal marijuana operations.”

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