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Chuck Thurman, Monmouth Power & Light superintendent, looks over plans for development of the S-curves.

MONMOUTH — Construction at the S-curves is expected to start this summer.

The Monmouth Planning Commission approved on April 17 design reviews for two commercial tenants at Ash Creek Station in the 1500 block of Monmouth Avenue.

“I’m happy to share that the plan has made it through the planning commission,” said Suzanne Dufner, community development director.

Jack Fox, of Salem, purchased the property in 1999.

Based on Monmouth city planning approvals on file, there were two previous attempts to develop the property, one in 2001, the other in 2006.

According to planning documents, Tractor Supply Company, a farm supply store, will occupy a 19,097-square-foot building and have a 15,000-square-foot fenced outdoor display area.

A grocery store will occupy a 34,000-square-foot building.

“We cannot confirm the grocery operator yet,” said Paul Beals, of White Oak Construction, of Salem.

Beals said the first phase of development is expected to start in June.

“We anticipate some basic site work starting when the ground has time to dry a bit, hopefully in the next two weeks,” Beals said. “We anticipate building permits to be issued in the first part of June. That’s when we plan to officially get underway.”

Three drive-thru businesses, a daycare and two other retail spaces are listed for future development.

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