Space heater fire

An unattended space heated caused house fire in the 1700 block of SW Fairview Avenue in Dallas.

On Monday, May 9, at 4:58 pm, Dallas Fire & EMS responded to a report of a house on fire on the 1700 block of SW Fairview Ave in Dallas.

The initial 911 caller reported seeing flames coming from the back of the residence and that someone was still inside of the house. Based on this critical information, the fire was upgraded to a second alarm, which allowed for additional firefighter response.

When firefighters arrived, they quickly began searching the residence and determined no one was home. This was also confirmed by a neighbor, who had seen the resident leave earlier in the day. Firefighters had the fire under control within 20 minutes of arrival. Unfortunately, a majority of the residence sustained heavy fire and smoke damage.

During the investigation, fire officials discovered that a portion of the house was untouched by the fire. This was due to the doorway into this living space having a barrier. The cause of the fire was determined to be an unattended space heater.

“This is a powerful reminder for closing doors as it helps stop the spread of fire and to not leave space heaters unattended,” Dallas Fire & EMS Deputy Chief Jim Dickerson said. 

The U.S. Fire Administration also recommends keeping portable space heaters at least three feet from things that can burn and turning them off when you go to bed or leave the room.

Dallas Fire & EMS was assisted by Polk Fire District #1, SW Polk Fire, Dallas Police Department, Polk County Sheriff and Pacific Power.

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