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Polk County COVID-19 vaccine clinics have moved to Western Oregon University. 


MONMOUTH — When West Valley Hospital moved operations for its vaccination clinic last week, some patients were left with canceled appointments and scrambling to reschedule their second dose.

Jennifer Von Derahe, West Valley’s public information officer, explained the cancellations were intentional when the clinic was moved from the Polk County Fair Grounds to the Pacific Room in the Warner Building on the Western Oregon University campus.

“Their original second dose appointments needed to be rescheduled to coincide with vaccine clinic location and availability,” Von Derahe said. “These individuals were prematurely sent a cancellation notice that was generated without the intended explanation to reschedule in MyChart. ”

West Valley Hospital continues offering vaccines to the remaining members of Phase 1A and educators in group 1B this week on Wednesday and Friday.

Von Derahe said the clinic was moved to the WOU campus due to a higher WiFi capacity than within the older buildings at the fairgrounds.

“They’ve been incredible hosts and they’ve shared a wonderful relationship with our staff,” Von Derahe said. “Their facilities are wonderful. The parking is great. But we couldn’t get all of our vaccination stations up on the internet and turn over as many people as run through here. We were not able to keep that many computers running.”

She added the capacity was needed for electronic medical records, registration, documenting vaccines properly and creating accounts to follow on to the second dosage properly.

Von Derahe said the switch has gone smoothly disseminating vaccinations, with wait times of less than 20 minutes, zero lines and, because the majority of those receiving a dose were by appointment, Von Derahe said the flow is running seamlessly.

Von Derahe said the confusion for many patients trying to schedule their first or second dose came from calling West Valley’s overloaded phone circuit all at once rather than clicking on the correct links at salemhealth.org:

– Click on the “Get The Latest” box.

— Click on the Polk County tab under “COVID-19 vaccination information.”

— For the first dose, scroll down to Stop 2 of 4: Schedule your appointment on MyChart.

— Click on “Log in to MyChart” and follow the instructions to schedule an appointment for COVID-19 vaccine.

— For a second dose, scroll down to Step 4 of 4: Get your second dose (This option is not available until the day before your due date).

— Click on either MyChart Second Dose Instructions (desktop, if on a computer) or (mobile app, if on a cell phone).

If you don’t have MyChart, all others are asked to report to the vaccine clinic on or after your second dose due date. Be sure to bring the vaccine card you received with your first dose. The website emphasizes reporting for a second dose is the patient’s responsibility and no reminders will be sent.

Von Derahe said the second dose of the Moderna vaccination is supposed to be 28 days after the first, but comes with a four-day cushion.

“So, if your vaccine is due on a Tuesday and the clinic is not open, fear not. You’ll be okay to schedule it on Wednesday or even Friday,” Von Derahe said.

She added to always go to salemhealth.org website to check for any changes to West Valley Hospital clinic schedule.

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