I have recently seen three dead deer lying in ditches that apparently have been hit by cars. However, this is a relatively common occurrence here in the county. Too many deer and too many clueless speeders.

It is what it is; however, it is not a good idea to leave the deer in the ditch. During the warm season, buzzards can often make short work of eliminating dead animals, but in this winter season, the buzzards have all gone to Acapulco for the season, and are not available for corpse removal.

The county will make arrangements for the dead animals to be picked up from county roads and disposed of. Call the Polk County Community Development Department at 503-623-9237.

However, if the carcass is beside a state road, you will need to call ODOT, 1-888-275-6368, option 6, and they will arrange for one of their road crews to swing by to pick up the carcass.

Before you call, make sure you are able to adequately identify the location of the body with an address or directions from a nearby crossroad.

David Moellenberndt


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