Don’t drive while intoxicated

It’s somewhat strange to feel relieved at reading in the daily logs from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office that deputies found someone passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. But considering that vehicle was stuck in a ditch and there was a marijuana bong and open containers of alcohol in the cup holders, that person was fortunate to still be breathing.

He was even able to take a field sobriety test.

He failed — ultimately found to have a BAC of .15 — and was arrested. But no one was dead. Not him or anyone else who crossed his path after he made the decision to drive intoxicated.

DUIIs go up this time of year. We’re thankful that law enforcement officers step up patrols to spot intoxicated drivers before they are harmed or harm someone else.

And as relieved as we are when we read that a person in a crashed vehicle is still alive, we can’t imagine how grateful the officers were when they come across a live person rather than a fatality. We’re sure they see enough of those.

The lesson in this close call is that people shouldn’t drive if they are intoxicated. There are a lot of easy ways not to.

Don’t drive if you’re drunk.

Don’t drive if you’re “tipsy.”

Don’t drive if you’re high.

Don’t even think about driving if you are drunk and high.

Don’t let your friends, family or acquaintances drive under those conditions either.

If you’re going to a party, throw an overnight bag in your trunk, just in case.

If you’re going out, choose a designated driver.

If you all get drunk anyway, in spite of your best intentions, call a cab.

Or call a friend or family member.

Don’t end up in the police logs. Don’t end up in the hospital. Don’t end up in the morgue.

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