It is odd that the Right Wing GOP is always whining about the press not being friendly to their cause. On the contrary, the press has been stunningly incompetent/ineffective in realistically portraying the actions of our increasingly erratic President. The U.S. broadcast and print media descriptions of Trump’s recent pressers were a selection of such simplifications as “contentious and aggressive.” The New York Times said he was “stormy,” the Washington Post called it “fiery’ and “combative.”

Conversely, an article in the UK’s Independent called the Trump’s presser “rambling” and “furious.” A reporter from the Guardian News in Australia marveled at how “utterly incoherent his comments were.” She went on to comment how American media can mask and normalize Trump’s “full and alarming incoherence.” Another Australian reporter asked a Wall Street Journal reporter, “Is it always like this?” In Finland, a media outlet described the presser with the Finnish Prime Minister as the “Trump Circus.”

So, why can the newspapers and broadcast media not accurately describe the swelling incapacity of our president? If one takes the time to watch some of his speeches and comments on accurate video, or read his tweets, that person can quickly see the seriousness of the crisis of rationality that exists.

Additionally, since Trump spends his day attacking everyone around him on his Twitter account, I ask who’s running the country?

Fred Brown


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