Where are we going? Some seem to be fixated on color. I don’t see color; but I do see the actions of a person.

I do not judge because the Bible says not to judge unless you be judged, but I do assess and vote based on the actions or words of a person.

Those that disagree with my opinions or the way I vote are quick to label me a racist. They only see color and judge me solely on that.

Where will this take us? Are we approaching a dictatorship that condemns any expression that is contrary to their beliefs or opinions? Am I not able to think differently, then form my own opinions and express them without being called a racist? Having a diverse opinion and the freedom to express points of view helps both parties involved see different viewpoints and have a greater understanding.

I enjoy discussing different opinions with others. It helps form a more intelligent opinion on whatever the topic.

How about we all turn off the news outlets and go back to forming our own opinions by having a conversation with those we disagree with.

Larry Dalton


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