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It’s hard to believe, but spring is here. It’s great to see all the flowers blooming and hear the birds chirping. It feels like new beginnings every year at this time.

Celebrations since my last letter include naming two distinguished educators: Deanne Harms, media specialist at Whitworth, and Stephanie Hofferber, first-grade teacher at Lyle.

Both are outstanding educators.

We are currently waiting to see if we are successful in receiving a $1.4 million grant for seismic upgrades to Whitworth.

We are working with the architect on the multipurpose rooms for Lyle and Oakdale. Both of these projects have been slowed down as the Superintendent Facilities Committee looking at our restrooms and locker rooms makes recommendations to support privacy for students.

Draft plans may need to be adjusted to include recommendations from this committee. Thank you for approving bond dollars

We are beginning work with advancing our Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) classes.

We have had several people, including our city manager, city council leaders, school board, administrators, and teachers, visit the CTE Center in Salem-Keizer School District and the Chemeketa campus in Salem to begin gathering ideas.

Our board, city council, and administrators recently met to share ideas that included welding, plumbing, health services, electrical, problem solving, and creating business partnerships.

We will continue to gather feedback through our Dallas Chamber of Commerce, staff, students, and families.

We welcome your feedback at

Michelle Johnstone

Dallas Schools Superintendent

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