We have many celebrations to share from Dallas School District.

This summer we will have construction projects at Lyle, Oakdale, and Whitworth elementary schools because of your generosity through bond dollars.

We just received notice that we will be awarded an additional $700,000 for seismic upgrades to Whitworth, bringing the total seismic grant amount to $2.2 million. Let the construction begin.

As we look to refine our safety plans, we conducted two evacuation and reunification drills at Lyle last fall and recently for Dallas High School.

Students and staff did an outstanding job, and we want to thank parents and community for feedback and support.

We do have a couple areas of concern to share and would ask for your support. Our Career and Technical Education plan (CTE) is coming together and we are increasing learning opportunities for our high school students.

Our graduation rate for students in CTE programming is 93 percent.

Thank you voters for approving Measure 98, our proposed plan is based on $800 per student, which was voter approved.

We are concerned as we hear about reduced funding amounts from the state.

Please contact legislators and ask them to fully fund Measure 98.

Our district general fund budget will be decreased due to the proposed state funding of education. As we work to ensure dollars are spent based on our district priorities, we are faced with budget reductions.

Oregon has an excellent model of how schools should look and be funded, which also supports community expectations through the Quality Education Model (QEM).

Rather than moving forward toward QEM, our district, along with others across the state, are moving backward.

Please contact legislators and let them know that $7.8 billion isn’t enough in the state school fund and to please get us to $8.4 billion to expand programs for our kids.

— Michelle Johnstone,


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