Superintendent’s Corner

Dallas School District hired 16 new teachers for the 2016-17 school year. The group attended new teacher training at the district office on Aug. 22. The new hires are (not in order): Jillian Herbes, Matt Lenoue, Jim Moran, Malynda Shook, Marianne Hatch, Teresa Fenton, Jordan Sollman, Katie Bradley, Arriel Robinson, Sandra Pinion, Rachel Wheeler, Jack Davis, Samantha Hauck, Connie Abel, Melissa Glazner and Julie Bryant (not pictured above).

Welcome to the new school year.

Buildings are receiving the final touches in preparation for school to begin.

Floors are all shined and facilities cleaned. Lyle Elementary has a new roof and will soon enter into the construction process along with Oakdale Heights for multipurpose rooms.

Thank you Dallas community for the bond dollars.

Teachers are preparing for the start of the year. We have 16 new educators joining our team.

Deeper learning will be the focus of the coming school year. Many teachers participated in Project Lead the Way training while others learned more about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Discussions began at Dallas High School to increase learning opportunities through CTE (career and technical education). Thank you Dallas community for providing feedback to guide this discussion.

As we continue our trek through the information age, we have an outstanding technology department that provides the resources.

Over the summer, our bandwidth increased from 200 megabits to 500 megabits. We added just over 700 new devices to our buildings, and 400 phones were installed so every classroom now has a phone.

Our goals for the coming school year are to continue to focus on student achievement, facilities for the future, communication, prioritizing our budget, and creating safe learning environments for kids. Are you ready for a great year ahead? We are, and we thank you for supporting Dallas School District.


Michelle Johnstone


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