No fan of dictatorships

Congratulations to Ms. Winston for her family’s military tradition and I offer condolences for their loss.

Our family’s heritage is smaller. My father fought in three island invasions; Attu, Alaska; Kwajalein, Marshall Islands; and Leyte, Philippines where he was wounded by a sniper. My brother and a nephew are navy veterans and I’ve done 28 years in the Army.

The above doesn’t answer her letter.

I wasn’t at the State Capitol but thanks to video in every phone, I know what happened. Prior to the intrusion, (former state representative Mike) Nearman briefed his foggy thinkers on how to get into the building. Later he exited the Capitol, opening the door for rioters carrying guns. What else do I need to know? The old dodge “I wasn’t there ...” doesn’t work anymore.

Her final passage begs a question. If she does not wish to stand for dictatorship why is she in the Republican Party? Trump often made it abundantly clear that he would happily be a dictator. He egged a crowd into attacking our national capitol to try to prevent the certification of an honest election. His party, which grovels before him in abject fear, introduced or passed legislation in 40 states to suppress the vote of groups that aren’t fans of GOP repression. The GOP cares nothing for people’s right to vote and freedoms. To that end, they plan to gerrymander the restructuring of legislative districts to weaken blue areas and inflate the heft of red areas.

Fred Brown


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