Thank you for continued public safety

Thank you voters for supporting the May re-authorization of the Polk County Public Safety levy by a more than two-to-one margin. And deep thanks to the focused campaign team lead by Sheriff Garton and DA Felton whose dedicated efforts to educate voters on the importance of public Safety in Polk County at a grass roots level made passage of the measure a reality.

EM Easterly

West Salem

Posey grateful for support

I wanted to thank all of the good people that supported me in this year’s election to my fourth term on the Dallas School Board, from the yard signs and banners and the letters to the editor, to the social media posts and endorsements. I appreciate it very much and couldn’t have done it without your support.

Matt Posey


Don’t condemn socialism

Yes, we must destroy all the socialism in America. Start with schools; we can privatize them and if you want an education for your kids you can pay some profit-driven company. That should work out just peachy keen. Public Safety? If you want police or fire protection, you should subscribe to the profit-driven company. No subscription — no service. Let her burn. Don’t like Social Security, etc.? Put your own money away for retirement. If you can afford it on your third-world salary. Literally tens of millions of Americans who could not afford to save for retirement have been kept out of abject poverty by this mandatory socialistic program.

Get my point? Also, there are many different forms of socialism, only a few of which censor. They are Dictatorial Socialism. I suggest that before you flatly condemn a social/economic system you should learn some things about it.

Fred Brown


Thank you for your vote

We want to thank everyone in Dallas who voted for us for the Dallas Cemetery Board. We are honored and we will do our best. You may leave a message at Dallas Cemetery, 503-623-5757, or directly at either number below.

Sue Olmstead, 503-831-1586

Sharon “Robbie” Brand, 503-474-8359


No trees in heaven?

It appears at the new youth center at the Baptist church in Independence, a spiritual connection with ecology and environment aren’t on the agenda. There are living things on this earth besides humans that are beneficial to all of us. What? No trees in heaven?

Louis Stuckey


503-623-2395. Email: Office: 147 SE Court St., Dallas.

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