If you or I or any common citizen did what Senator Boquist did, to threaten the State Police, and get away with it, we’d have been hunted down and jailed for those two statements, about making sure that the police being sent are bachelors and are heavily armed and the other one being to the Senate president saying “if you send the State Police to get me, hell’s coming to visit you personally.” And he is still walking around free. What kind of government do we have? Then the State Capitol is closed due to the possibility of a militia threat, isn’t that what our police, be it city, county or state is for? So, is it possible that our government is backboneless? Like the time that the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was taken over, where was the federal government at?

This government is so backwards that you can be an illegal immigrant with little to no paperwork on who you are and get a driver’s license, but if I, a United States citizen need to get a driver’s license, I need a birth certificate and a picture ID, what is wrong with this picture?

My mother came over from another country, she not only married my dad who was a United States citizen, but she also went through the Naturalization process of becoming a United States citizen.

It is really sad to see this country coming to nothing after all our fighting forces have done, then to come home and have to fight to get help, some families have to survive on food stamps and worry about losing their homes while their spouses are overseas fighting for a government that seems to give a rip less about them, their families or anyone that is a United States citizen.

Jim Duvall


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