The letter written by Jodie Bailey made a very good case for a circular drive at the flashing yellow light at 99 and Clow Corner; however, I hope to see a signal light instead. If there had been a signal light years ago, I believe there would have been few — if any — accidents or deaths there. Plus, a signal light helps maintain the constant free-flow of traffic, except when the signal light changes. What’s a little time to sit for a while?

A circular drive is not only scary, but a bit claustrophobic, confusing and intimidating. It also would be more expensive and much more time consuming and inconvenient for traffic on a larger scale.

A signal light would be more affordable for Polk County. On the other hand, it takes less time and inconvenience to the public — maybe a day or more or so.

I hope you do understand that many of us in the Dallas area have never driven on a circular drive — and don’t want to, either.

Many of us have moved to Dallas because of the laid-back, hometown feel and beauty of Dallas, and also to escape the big city life.

I do hope that ODOT and others will consider another spot for a circular drive than 99 and Clow Corner in Dallas so drivers will not be interrupted in their travels straight into McMinnville or Corvallis and other destinations along the way.

A circular drive would change the easiness and convenience of driving 99. A signal light at 99 and Clow Corner will not.

Hazel Henneman


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