Someone has attended the Trump/Boquist kindness course. Thank You, John Oberst for the history lesson. Your observations are often noted by clear thinkers. The difference between the 1800s Southern Democrats and the present Right Wing/GOP (RWG), is that the RWG hates everyone who has even a slight exception to being a straight, white, rich male.

Highly troubled gun violence areas have these issues because weapons are easily imported into areas with strict regulations. National and rational limits on gun ownership would keep weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them to alleviate the massacres. How many hundreds of innocents must be killed to be enough for flummoxed Americans? Is 29 this week enough? Or did they all die heroically for your gun rights?

Abortions are a sad fact of life. They can either occur in clinics or back alleys. Since the RWG cares little for people, the latter is just fine for them. The reason so many women see them as necessary is because they do not have the means to care for the child to be. Too few jobs offer a living wage today. Plus, the GOP wants to eliminate those programs that help the poor care for their children. The RWG dearly loves fetuses but they are completely oblivious to children, once born; and families.

Of course some minds can never change. I suggest you folks look up the Einstellung effect. BTW, I’m done here.

Fred Brown


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