Carl’s Jr., now the S curve.

If we don’t think what is planned is not good for the climate or environment, we either don’t care or are not paying attention.

Every time no matter where it is that we de-nude an area of its vegetation and/or woodlands and pave and concrete over it, another heat sink is created adding to negative climate change and rising temperatures.

Add to this more drive-thru businesses, and it is compounded.

Oh well who cares about the future health of our planet and for our children’s safe use of it when you can have a happy meal or a heart-stopping, triple-patty plus bacon and cheeseburger now.

I love living here, but it is this kind of growth that concerns and scares me for the future.

Especially if we continue our current march in Trumpanomics and Darwinian Capitalism. Slow down a little enjoy what we already have.

What is more important? Clean air and water and less waste, a moderate climate, or one that wreaks havoc? And for what? Another fast food order.

Will the new city signs say, “Welcome to Califoregon: would you like fries with that?”

Also regarding the replies to Fred Brown’s letters.

How refreshing and heartening to hear from an ex-military person who is thoughtful and concerned, not just following orders from so-called leaders.

Thanks Fred!

Please, no-love-or-leave-it rhetoric. Questioning so-called authorities is what helps to keep us freer than other places.

Louis Stuckey


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