Practice better manners, please

Call me a slow learner or naive, but I’ve lived in the mid-Willamette Valley since 1995 having come from Texas. Almost from the moment I stepped foot in your great state I was met with extremely rude people. I was told by a co-worker at the time that it was the “California influence.” I tucked that little nugget away for further observation. But, in the ensuing years I have experienced extreme rudeness almost everywhere I go and not being able to ask these rude people the place of their birth, I am fully convinced that it is an Oregon issue and I’m sick of it. I am so tainted by the rudeness that when someone is nice or considerate I don’t know how to respond! Today I was in line at Safeway and there were only two clerks available. The wait was ridiculous and we were queued in long lines down the shopping aisles. Finally another clerk opened up and the lady ahead of me motioned toward that line and I went there. The “lady” behind me said, “Really...Really?” as if I were breaking some grocery store code. I turned and asked if I had somehow taken her spot and she just looked away. It ruined my day because I didn’t defend myself properly. I am so sick of you rude people and truly wonder who raised you to be the way you are. I know we will meet again and I already dread it!

Jessie Rice


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