Still work to do in women equality

Women’s history month reminds everyone just how strong the female spirit truly is, as women have succeeded farther than societal gender oppression ever intended. Women continue to break glass ceilings every day in the world through success in all fields of life, great leadership, and continual strength. However, in impoverished areas in the world, there is no glass ceiling to be broken, there is only despairing opportunities.

Economic pressure is put on impoverished countries when there is a lack of educated people. When impoverished nations do not invest in women, they are stumping economic success. Not investing in half of the work force puts these countries in a state of perpetual catch up. Work is continuing to be less labor intensive, and more intellectual. A less-educated population means being technologically unadvanced. When women work and earn for themselves, that doubles the spending power of the current economy as women become active consumers.

The stats speak for themselves proving immense inequality in impoverished locations. 31 million girls are still out of school (Source-UNESCO), and of the 774 million illiterate adults in the world, 2/3 of them are women (Source-UNESCO). A lack of literacy is setting up women to fail.

No matter gender, socio-economic status, or your geographic location; everyone should be born entitled to fundamental necessities. It is our prerogative as human beings. A woman who feels emboldened and knows her words have power and meaning to the world will set an example and open the door for others to follow.

Chelsea Hartnett


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