Vote Garton for Polk County sheriff

As an ex-law enforcement officer (retired), I am supporting Sheriff Mark Garton. Mark began his law enforcement career as a cadet, working his way through the ranks, working the jail, patrol, detective sergeant overseeing the Polk County Major Crimes Team, and supervisor of the interagency narcotics team, ultimately to his current position as sheriff. He has restored 24-hour patrol to our streets, as well as restoring the Polk County Inter Agency Narcotics Team.

Mark’s challenger, also law enforcement, but is from a neighboring county. I’m supporting Mark, and encourage a vote for Mark Garton for sheriff.

Richard Long


Re-elect Paul Evans to HD 20

There are many reasons to support Paul Evans and re-elect him to the legislature. He kept his promises to help out women, students, and veterans. An even greater reason is he has a common sense approach to guns.

Paul, a veteran, recognizes the power of weapons and also knows legitimate uses, like shooting for sport or protecting one's home. His vote demonstrated knowledge of the dark side of gun use. Prohibiting gun ownership of those convicted of domestic abuse/violence was the right thing to do.

Bonnie Ross


Thompson will fight for HD 23

For three terms, Jim Thompson served as our State Representative for District 23. He fought for your private property rights, supported your small businesses, your agriculture businesses and successfully challenged land use issues that inhibit your growth and profit. Unlike Mike Nearman, Jim faithfully attends local city and county meetings to keep current on the issues District 23 faces. Jim is committed and fired up with an unwavering passion and purpose for all of us in District 23.

Nancie Rogers


Advocate for cancer patients

When I lost my Dad to complications of lung cancer surgery in 2004, I had no idea that it would lead me to serving as an advocate for Oregon’s cancer patients and families. On Sept. 10, I traveled to Washington, D.C., with more than 700 of my fellow American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam to urge Congress to support lifesaving policies that prevent and better treat cancer. We called on lawmakers to increase federal funding for cancer research, support legislation to improve patient quality of life and remove cost barriers to colorectal cancer screenings for seniors.

Our seven-member delegation told Oregon’s members of Congress that they should seize the opportunity to put partisanship aside and make ending cancer, as we know it, a top national priority.

We let our lawmakers know that people and families touched by cancer in Oregon and across the country are counting on them to support legislation that would help make cancer history. With one in two men and one in three women being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, we can’t let this year pass without taking legislative action on these important issues.

I know our conversations made a difference in the halls of Congress, and I encourage you to add your voice. Visit to be connected to people like me in your community.

Kay Graven

Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)


Leave the light on

Two of my neighbors never use their porch lights at night while another one keeps theirs on 24 hours per day. I’m just curious why anyone would choose not to use their porch light, especially with vehicles parked out front and with the potential for miscreants to take advantage. Is this a new movement of some kind to save energy?

What ... 12 cents per month?

Jessie Rice


Garton’s roots run deep in Polk County

I am a retired Oregon State Police officer who has known the Garton family for many years. I worked with his father, also a state police officer, and Mark’s mother served as a school teacher for many years.

Mark has performed nearly every function of law enforcement available to the sheriff, working for Polk County his entire career. He is well-respected by law enforcement, by his peers and by the public. He is honest, well-educated, well-trained, experienced and well-informed.

Polk County would be well served by Mark Garton.

Randy Sitton


Hooray for firefighters

My wife and I have a friend in rural Africa who is anxious every dry season because fire threatens his orchard on which his family depends for a living.

We thought of him last summer when we had a fire in a field near our home. Unlike our friend, we experience little anxiety. Soon after the fire started, fire trucks arrived from various locations in our county and the black billows of smoke quickly turned white.

I am thankful for Ben Franklin, from whom came the impetus leading to the innovative and professional fire service we enjoy in this country. Our nation was blessed in connection with a world-view, the generally held, that there is a powerful, loving, wise, God and that he is relevant to one’s life. That blessing is why we now have so many volunteers and professionals in our county who make life better for us all.

Give thanks for this divine favor and hooray for our firefighters.

Joseph Hoover


Deputy Sheriffs say yes to Garton

The Polk County Deputy Sheriff’s Association consists of 50 non-supervisory members from the corrections, patrol and support Services divisions. Historically, the DSA hasn’t endorsed anyone running for political office. But, this coming election is important to us. The members discussed the election for sheriff and, after weighing all the pros and cons, they overwhelmingly decided to publicly endorse Sheriff Mark Garton.

Sheriff Garton has proven his dedication and commitment to not only the citizens of Polk County, but also the men and women who work under his direction. On Nov. 8, join us in voting for Sheriff Mark Garton.

Jeff Williams

DSA President


Choose Johnson over Trump, Clinton

After last week’s debate, it has become clear that a Clinton or Trump presidency would be disastrous. If you are looking for a way out, I urge you Google Gary Johnson.

Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, is a former two-term Republican governor of heavily blue New Mexico. With his running mate, Gov. Bill Weld, Johnson is fiscally conservative and socially liberal, meaning they will bridge the huge gap between the major parties. On the ballot in all 50 states, Johnson is leading in the polls among millennials, independents, and the military. He is the only candidate with integrity.

You in?

Patrick Gump


Garton kept promises as sheriff

I support Mark Garton for sheriff of Polk County. Since beginning as a cadet at age 17, Mark has worked as reserve deputy, corrections deputy, patrol deputy, detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant, and appointed sheriff in 2015.

Upon appointment as sheriff, he hired people to keep the promises made, and has 24-hour patrols again in Polk County.

Mark has never worked or lived outside of Polk County, and cares deeply what happens in his home area. I respect and appreciate Mark Garton; and I urge you to vote for him and keep him as Polk County Sheriff.

Frank Pender


Gabliks, Wilson for Dallas city council

I will be casting my vote for Kelly Gabliks and LaVonne Wilson to continue to serve on the Dallas city council.

They work tirelessly for your community. They willingly do the homework needed to be informed when it comes to doing what is best for all living in Dallas.

I appreciate that Gabliks and Wilson listen to both sides of an issue and the voices of the citizens of their community. They always do the homework that goes along with making a sound decision.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Gabliks and Wilson for Dallas city council.

Nancy J. Adams


Vote your conscience


George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

... Donald Trump .... Are you sure? Think and vote.

William M. Barber


Nearman holds state accountable

I’m glad we have a State Representative like Mike Nearman who is focused on holding government accountable. Whether it’s the Columbia Crossing “bridge to nowhere” or Cover Oregon, we need someone with the skill and dedication to watch over these agencies as they spend — and hopefully not waste — our precious tax dollars.

Debbie Pickering


Kids deserve safe, beautiful facilities

For many years, I have seen the hope that comes with community support. I also have noticed the inequitable facilities that make learning a challenge. Some of our schools have waited nearly 20 years for any major upgrades. As one community and one school district let us set aside any issues we may have with the school district and do what’s right for our children, and that is to vote yes on Bond Measure 27-122. Let us show every child that no matter where they live in our school district, they deserve safe and beautiful facilities in which to learn.

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros


Cast vote for Thompson in D23

I believe that Jim Thompson is the right person at the right time to represent District 23 as he has a proven record of care and experience to be our state representative. He is a good listener and has always been one who will work with Republicans and Democrats to tackle very difficult issues. He has the time and care to speak to anyone at any time and is always accessible.

I respect Jim Thompson for being willing to talk about the issues with anyone. He is not afraid to be held accountable by the people.

LaVonne Wilson


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