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Garden club thanks community

The members of the Monmouth Garden Club wish to thank community members who came to our annual plant sale, “From Our Gardens to Yours.” In addition to the sale, a free planting table was provided so children could plant and take home marigolds or beans to grow. Proceeds from this year’s sale will be put toward the club’s current community beautification project of providing funds for the landscaping in the new amphitheater area of Main Street Park.

Margaret Johnson


Yamhill resident uses aquatic center

I would like to respond to the Dallas City Council’s discussion regarding the closure of the Dallas Aquatic Center due to funding issues. While I believe that all levels of government should work to balance their budget, I also believe that these levels of government, especially local, should invest in their municipality. From my perspective the Dallas city planners got it right in the design and implementation of the Dallas Aquatic Center.

As a resident from Yamhill County I travel at least twice weekly to your aquatic center to take classes. While my home town has a fine pool, they do not offer deep water exercise in a pool that is considered therapeutic. Believe me, I am more than happy to pay the fees to take the deep water exercise class in Dallas.

Having such a center benefits the residents of Dallas and others like myself in two ways. The first and obvious is that its citizens of all ages have an outlet for exercise. Another advantage is that having a facility such as the Dallas Aquatic Center generates revenue for the community in that those employees of the pool pay local taxes, and they also support local business. Closing your pool would be a loss of that revenue.

I urge your citizens and its City Council to reconsider the proposed closing of your pool for the simple reason that not having such a great facility, as you do, would diminish Dallas livability greatly.

Eric Lundeen


Homeowners have no money to spare

One would think that the I-O would ask for comment from the majority voter’s side on the street bond issue.

City manager is left wondering why. I wonder how city management could possibly have not contemplated that question.

I’ll tell you why. Because there is a limit on what one can or chooses to pay in endless taxes to satisfy the government’s insatiable appetite for more. Endless, ever-growing taxes paid just because one has a home to live in. We already pay gas taxes dedicated to street maintenance and now you want to tax my home some more to fix potholes. You have made the gas tax revenue insufficient by spending that money all these years on a department of wages, benefits, administration, sidewalks and streetlights. If you had used the gas tax money for street repairs you wouldn’t have created a maintenance backlog. Two failed attempts at more money and yet ignored maintenance and deterioration. Yet we see continued raises, benefit increases, and superlative manager evaluations for what now appears to be mismanagement.

The job of city management should not be to figure out how to get citizens to give them more money. Management of the city should begin with a commitment to frugality. This includes providing services within the means given by the citizens. Instead it’s always “give us more money.” When critical things need to be done and money is tight, waste, excess and unnecessary expenses should first be eliminated. This never happens.

Time for the city government to realize there is no more money: we expect you to do the job we ask, as frugally as possible.

Charles Krogman


Businesses help teach DHS students

I’d like to thank the following business for providing work experience opportunities to my students at the Daily Living Skills Center, Dallas High School’s post-high program, during the 2015-2016 school year.

Students received on-the-job training while doing a variety of tasks for these businesses. This training is invaluable in preparing my students for paid work once they finish school. Many thanks go to: Dallas City Library, Dallas Retirement Village, Dallas School District Office and Print Shop, Future Images, and the Developmental Learning Center at Oakdale Heights Elementary.

Betsy Miller


Jones thanks all for support

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my campaign for state representative. During the past year, I met a lot of interesting people and was exposed to new ideas and industries. It was a challenging and educational experience my family will never forget. I’m convinced we live in the best piece of this world, and I look forward to continuing serving in our community.

Beth Jones


Don’t mess with aquatic center

If you want to see the citizens of Dallas take to streets, the councilors only need to mess with our aquatic center. Apparently there is one council member who does not “recognize the importance of the center to this community.” Remember this when you vote.

Debra Nord


Evans supports local veterans

On May 31, House Rep. Paul Evans spoke at the Western Oregon University Memorial Day dinner. During his talk, whether speaking of the Greatest Generation or the latest generation to serve our nation, his dedication to our veterans was evident. On behalf of veterans and their families I would like to thank Evans for his efforts in supporting our veterans and keeping the promises made to those who honored their commitment to serve. I am proud to be represented by someone whose passion drives his purpose and who stands up for those who have defended us and sacrificed so much. Thank you, Paul, for your service to our community.

Kathy Martin-Willis


Aquatic center ‘only good thing’

I’ve been told that the mayor and city council want to close the aquatic center. That is the only good thing we have in Dallas and does attract business from other towns.

I’ve used the pool three times a week since a car accident and broke my back. I have to do these exercises in the pool. Many other people need the pool for the same reasons besides swim lessons, classes, swim team, etc. There is no other place to go.

I moved from Monmouth so I didn’t have to make three trips a week to use the pool. I’m 72 years old and can’t go any farther to maintain my health. Therapy patients from Dallas and Monmouth are sent here.

The city of Dallas would be doing a great disservice to its community. It would be a disservice to the elderly and handicapped and to our veterans, of which myself and my son who live here in Dallas are a part of.

Nora Eaten


Don’t take your dog shopping

A few days ago I was in a store and watched a dog in a shopping cart do its business. Without a care in the world that person whipped out a plastic bag and picked up the mess that was sitting in the cart. This canine was not a service animal, you know it and I know it. Do you want to put your kids or food in that cart? I don’t know about you, but that little hand wipe the stores give you to clean the carts don’t cut it. This is a danger of your heath and welfare.

According to the American Disability Association, only canines can be service animal. The service dog must be well groomed, must be fully trained. I say it again, fully trained to service the needs of that one person.

That leaves out puppies. The ADA also stated that a service dog must be kept on a leash or is held at all times or in private stroller, never in a shopping cart. As for restaurants, the canine is never to be in the serving area and never to be fed from your plate, should be calm and only attentive to its master. Everyone knows how a service dog should act. Look how well a guide dog for the seeing impaired behaves, this needs to become the standard in service dogs. I for one am sick and tired of individuals abusing the system, and it’s time our lawmaker set standards for this out-of-control abuse. I for one have no problem asking why is that dog around our food. Please contact your state representative to stop the abuse.

Kenneth Mayer


Donation surprises Lion’s sight, hearing

I believe it was the week of May 23-27 when I last emptied the Dallas Lions eyeglass / hearing aid donation box at the Dallas Aquatic Center. I was surprised to find a $20 bill in the box. I gave it to the club treasurer with the instruction to contribute it to the sight and hearing portion of the budget, explaining its source. I want to thank the person who donated it, and thought of the Bennie in Salem who leaves $100 bills in places for people to find.

Thanks again, and remember, we have tickets available for this year’s Dallas Lion Duck Race to be held at 2:30 p.m. on July 30. Call me if you want to purchase tickets: 503-931-9860.

Barb Chrisman


Time to rethink oil pipeline project

It is time to re-visit and change the federal government view of not building pipelines to carry oil and gas as in the Keystone Pipeline. I am not an Oregonian, but love the Columbia River Gorge and its beauty.

Just now we have an oil train derailment near Mosier, and I saw on TV the fireball, black smoke the pollution in Columbia River.

I grew up in Louisiana and our underground was laced with oil and gas pipelines taking product to and from the southern refineries to heat the homes and fuel cars in the mid-west, northern and western states. Sure, there was sometimes a leak that caused an explosion and some lives were lost, but the damage to the area and environment was much less than when an oil train derails.

We will continue to fuel vehicles with gasoline and heat homes from oil driven power plants. This government wants to rid us of coal fired plants as it is dirty and supposedly endangers the air we breathe.

Get behind the oil companies that need to move their product and build more underground pipelines. Everyone wins: the farmers who allow easements through their land and people that need the fuel, and it makes more jobs.

Nelda Carroll-Allegar


Rodriguez marks end of 27 years

Sunday marked the end of an era for Dallas. It was the last day of duty for Senior Officer Jim Rodriguez. Rodriguez proudly served our community for over 27 years. Along the way he made such a positive impact with the citizens in our community, from young to old, Jim is well-known and respected. Jim always approached his job with professionalism; he took pride in patrolling our community to keep our streets safe at night, or working at our schools as a resource officer making sure our children were safe. More importantly, Jim was a positive role model and friend, always going above and beyond to help people in their worst times get their lives back on track. Twenty years ago, Jim gave me my very first traffic ticket. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t talk him out of it. Who would have guessed back then just how much I would end up respecting him. Jim’s honesty and integrity is what I think I admire most. Dallas owes Senior Officer Jim Rodriguez a debt of gratitude; his exemplary years of service have been a blessing to our community. Thank you Jim, your love of community, your service, and your friendship is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. This is not the end of your journey, merely the next chapter in your life. God Bless.

Micky Garus

City Councilor


Aquatic Center worth every penny

I am writing as a Polk County citizen and homeowner regarding the Dallas Aquatic Center possibly closing. If the chance of closing this facility comes to fruition, I will be relocating from Dallas.

I have lived here for 18 years, and now that I am retired, the center provides me the opportunity for my chronic disease self-management. Other seniors, the disabled and families use the facility the same. This is important to keep people self-sufficient and in their homes which is a priority for local, state and federal governments. It will save us all money in the long run.

Dallas has lost many businesses, and downtown is almost a ghost town with empty buildings and pretty sidewalks. I find myself having to go in to Salem two to four times each week to do my shopping and other business. I would love to support locally, but we don’t have much. Those in charge of community development have done a poor job in the time that I have lived here with revitalizing Dallas, and I get very discouraged. I look at McMinnville and how progressive they are. Dallas needs to see what McMinnville is doing “right” for their community. It was voted once again one of the top 10 small cities in America.

The aquatic center is a big draw for people coming to this city. I want my taxpayer dollars to support this.

Judy Bowen


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