Morett voice echoes freedom

Liberty has found her voice with candidate Laura Morett.

Our own voice in state politics is carried by the representative we elect. With decades of piled-up regulation and tax burden, we need a voice which rings of freedom: teachers free to teach, entrepreneurs free to create jobs, and citizens free to see the actions of its government.

Well-meaning rules have inadvertently created ghost towns and political corruption. Let’s abandon the dysfunctional top-down approach to positive change and unshackle those trying to make better lives for their families and a better Oregon. Let’s start by voting for Laura for HD20.

Jason Haury

West Salem

Evans leadership proven for Polk

Paul Evans deserves re-election. He is a proven leader who works hard for women, minorities, the environment, students, and veterans. He has a record he can be proud of.

Conversely, there really isn’t much known about his opponent. She has not explained what she would do about problems facing Oregon. She goes on the radio and talks in vague generalities, like, “we need good schools.” Great. How will she accomplish this?

Paul works to lower class sizes and compensate teachers in a fair manner. Paul has a record to stand on; his opponent does not. The choice is clear.

Wanda Davis


Thank you, Trinity Lutheran

The Dallas Food Bank would like to extend a special “thank you” to Trinity Lutheran Church for a highly successful “Fill the Pantry-Pay the Rent” fundraiser. Their fundraising committee, congregation, and youth group spearhead this annual fundraiser. The amount of time and energy put into this event makes it one of the largest fundraiser for the food bank. With such tremendous community support, the food bank will be able to fulfill our mission statement in reducing hunger in our community. The food bank is truly blessed to have strong support in Dallas.

Leonard Hlavinka

Coordinator, Dallas Emergency Food Corp.

Thompson right choice for Dems

As a registered Democrat I will vote for Jim Thompson, Independent candidate, House District 23. There are two candidates in this race.

This election presents us with a clear choice. Jim in the House of Representatives would represent all constituents in our District not a narrow minority. He would work with all members of the House to help pass legislation good for Oregon.

I have known Jim for years, and served with him on a local fine arts board. I support his decent values and interests.

I urge all Democrats to vote for Jim Thompson, Independent candidate, House District 23.

Tremaine Arkley


Why the wait on senior center

The seniors of Polk County have been working for over 12 years to have a senior center built. We are currently occupying a room at the rear of the city library. This is a room for which the library staff has plans for, but they are unable to utilize the space as long as the seniors occupy it. To make matters worse, the room is too small to serve as a useful senior center. We have worked with three city managers and several mayors, all of whom profess to be in favor of a new senior center. A grant has been secured and the city has agreed to a site for a new center. Preliminary architectural drawings have been made and submitted. Must we wait another 12+ years? Surely the city planning commission can approve the construction of the building. It meets all the zoning laws. Apparently the planning commissioners are unduly influenced by a small group of people who are against change. Let’s get off dead center and get a senior center built so the small room we are currently using can be returned to the library.

Jerry Wennstrom


Elect Thompson for State Rep

One of the abilities I have admired about Jim Thompson is his knowledge and understanding of our health care system. He has dedicated his career researching better solutions for allergies; he has established a prescription monitoring program to slow down drug abuse and has worked to control ever increasing medical costs.

Our health care system is more important than ever. We need a Legislator that understands how the system works and how we can make it better. That choice is Jim Thompson.

Join me voting for Jim to put his experience and common sense solutions to work for us.

Cheryl Williams


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