Letters to the editor

Arnold Palmer

Garton goes beyond call of duty

I am writing to encourage voters to vote for Sheriff Mark Garton in the upcoming election. I have had the privilege to serve as mayor of Falls City and the opportunity to work with Mark. In the short time he has been sheriff he has: instituted 24-hour patrols; assigned a deputy to cover Polk County schools; started a mental health patrol unit to help people in crisis; and worked with citizens to institute Neighborhood Watch programs. He always is accessible to citizens and goes beyond the call of duty to try and resolve issues. Vote Garton for Polk County Sheriff.

Terry Ungricht

Falls City

Nearman is good for Polk County

Mike Nearman's independent opponent prides himself on his ability to cooperate with Democrats. But does the majority party seek such cooperation? Not at all — it’s their way or no way.

What has one-party rule gotten us? Abuse of the emergency clause to short-circuit voters' referendum power, a PERS crisis that Democrats are unwilling to address, and a business-killing tax initiative despite tax collections at historical highs.

We don't need a representative who seeks to collaborate with the pirates, thieves and tyrants in Salem. We need a representative who is a restraining influence against the progressive march. We need Mike Nearman.

Jim Cross


Vote Paul Evans this November

Thank you, Itemizer, for writing an informative article featuring the two HD 20 candidates, Laura Morett and Paul Evans. While the article presents the attributes of each candidate in a fair and balanced way, it is apparent that Paul Evans is the more qualified candidate. Morett says she wants to do something — to put on her boots and fix things, but her plan consists of passing a bill to ban bill passage. How will tying our hands behind our backs, help our economy, small businesses and our schools? Morett is not ready to govern. Evans is the right choice.

Micki Varney

West Salem

Paul Evans should be re-elected

I enjoyed the article in the I-O that contrasted HD 20 candidates, Laura Morett and Paul Evans. It is clear from the article that Paul is more qualified. Laura doesn’t seem to understand how government or the legislature work. She says the first thing she would do is pass a bill to stop the passage of bills. I guess she doesn’t understand that’s how laws get passed. She also wants to eliminate family leave and family wage jobs. She is a terrible choice for office. Paul Evans has the knowledge and experience to work for us. He deserves re-election.

Bill Hayden

West Salem

Gabliks devoted to serving Dallas

Having known Kelly Gabliks for many years through our mutual participation in exercise classes at the Dallas gym, I've always looked forward to her upbeat, positive attitude and admired her dedication to a live a healthy lifestyle. Later, I became aware of Kelly's strong interest in making Dallas a community that strives to enhance the well-being of all its citizens.

I can't think of a more devoted and deserving citizen to entrust with a position on the Dallas City Council. Join with me in securing a position for Kelly Gabliks as a member of the Dallas City Council.

Bill Harrod


Vote yes on Central facilities bond

This fall, Central School District residents have the opportunity to invest in our children and community. Our elementary and middle schools are in need of upgrades to not only increase safety, but provide exceptional learning environments that promote learning.

CHS is an excellent example of the type of facility our community can provide for our children when we come together to support them. Local non-profits, organizations and community members also benefit from your support.

Also, the timing could not be better, as there will be no expected tax increases.

Please join me in supporting our community.

Odi Campos


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