We are all in the same boat

Reading from a variety of sources, including your paper, it appears to me that we are divided into “I and we” communities. The “I” group is very concerned with protecting their personal freedom, as in the freedom to not wear a mask, take a vaccine or carry a gun. They often cite our founders’ basing our country on Christian beliefs and liberty and justice for all. The “We” group seems more concerned with the entire group of people (all) comprising this nation. They cite our constitution as establishing this country to provide for the “general welfare”. They sometimes also cite the Bible where it says we should welcome the stranger and treat them as part of our nation which we have done often in the past.

Both the “I” and the “We” groups tend to demonize the other, even though their arguments are based on the same documents. It seems to me that there should not be that much distance between the groups if they both adhere to the beliefs expressed in the documents they use to support their arguments.

Like it or not, we all share the same country and the same planet. If we fail to recognize that reality, we face a difficult future

In keeping with the biblical references in this letter, I offer the following parable, shared with me by a family member. There was a group of people on a boat. A guy decides to cut a hole in his cabin and the water flows in. The other passengers are (expletive deleted), but the guy argues it’s his cabin, so it’s no problem. Personal choice only goes so far when we’re all in the same boat.

Dale Derouin


COVID-19 and the insurrection are real

It’s been over nine months since the election, and it still amazes me the number of people who can’t / don’t believe Trump lost, and still fly Trump flags like it’s something to be proud of.

It surprises me the number of Republican senators are against the committee investigating the insurrection in January, and are now saying it was a “friendly protest.” Some of them who were holding the doors closed from the rioters are in this group. Tell the cfficers that were beaten, electrocuted, or had an eye gouged out they were friendly. Yes – one did lose an eye. Or tell it to the families of the officers that are now suffering from PTSD, or the families of those who died.

Matt Braynard, former data chief for Trump, plans a protest in September at the Capitol, saying they want to “push back on the phony narrative that there was an insurrection.” Keep stirring the pot!

Senator Greene of Alabama tells an audience that that door-to-door vaccine workers won’t like the response they get because southerners love the Second Amendment. This woman is dangerous and keeps spreading hate.

Governor DeSantis, of Florida, who is anti-vaccine and anti-mask, and his state is leading the country in new cases, highest number of young people getting sick, and highest number of hospitalizations. Is he trying to protect the citizens of Florida? Is he vaccinated?

Ironically, before dying of COVID-19, a Florida anti-vaccine, anti-mask talk show host stated he should’ve been vaccinated.

Cliff Brown


U.S. founding isn’t based on a certain religion

Ms. Winston, you have no right to brand anyone else as pro-or-anti-anything. By the way, you should check your sources, as the Tim Tebow story is questionable. His parents were missionaries in the Philippines when she became ill, and abortion is strictly forbidden in the Philippines under any circumstances, including incest, rape, and maternal health.

Are the Proud Boys, IIIpercenters, Oath Keepers, and Boogaloo Bois, supported by or representative of your party? Maybe, but that’s not for me to say. And, as a former soldier in the U.S. Army, I would proudly support anti-fascism and anti-racism over the alternative.

Our nation was founded on freedom, and the belief that all men are created equal, not on any religious philosophy. The Pilgrims fled Europe to escape religious persecution, the founding fathers were mindful of this when establishing our Constitution, and that is why part of our Constitution reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (Article 6), no matter what the Christian church would have you believe.

Trump, and his fascistic policies, nearly cost all of us our great country. That the news stations, in the chase for ratings and money, provided him so much free publicity, was to all our detriment. Controlling the media/message is how Nazism flourished in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. I suggest we all open our history books and review what happened in World War II.

Finally, I am not sorry Mr. Nearman is no longer associated with the Oregon Legislature. That he let himself be filmed planning the scheme that allowed people to enter the building illegally, proves to me he is not very bright, and no King David.

Florence Glatt


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