Fly the American flag

Why is it that on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Veterans Day, a lot of Polk County citizens display or fly the United States flag? The other 362 days, most of you put it away in the closet and forget about it.

What is wrong with flying it every day? Yes, it takes a little more effort on your part, but don’t forget what that flag represents. You don’t see Russia or other communist countries flying flags – only when forced to.

A lot whole of Americans have given their lives for that flag. Are you ashamed to be an American? If so, move. Polk County has always been a county that supports the United States.

When someone travels through Polk County, they should see a flag on every house and on every business. Everyone should know something about the flag. We should overload the America Legion and Elks clubs with worn or tattered flags for the proper disposal when needed.

Polk County should lead the way. More Polk County the red, white and blue county. Put all other counties in Oregon to disgrace. So, get off your rears and put a U.S. flag up and you can’t light it, recover it at night and put it up again the next day.

Be proud of you flag and your country.

Ted Campbell

West Salem

Polk County sheriff overstepped

As requested by an editorial writer, I looked into the people and places suggested to verify Sheriff Mark Garton’s ability to enforce what laws he’d like to. All of the suggestions involve people who are working within the Patriot movement, the ultra-conservative movement to install Biblical authority over our nation, with libertarian ideals.

The Supreme Court ruling mentioned involves the Brady Act (gun control) during the Clinton administration: one portion of the bill did violate the Constitution involving local law enforcement. This portion of the bill was removed, however the constitutionalist sheriff movement has taken this to mean that all laws passed by the federal government are subject to review as to enforcement by the local sheriff.

They conveniently ignore Article VI, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, the Supremacy Clause, which states that federal law over rules State law. Part of the Sheriff’s ethical code of conduct ( to the citizens of our state is “I will never officiously permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions.”

Sheriff Garton has violated this code by inserting his office into the current political fray. We depend on law enforcement to be neutralizing agent, when used for the common good, in a country with many different views, opinions, faiths, and civic concerns. The Polk County Sheriff has planted his office firmly in one political camp. It’s up to the citizens to decide, at the next election, if this is where they want their law enforcement office to remain.

Diane McBurnett


Oregon’s Disaster

Oregon has lost it. Started out with legalizing marijuana, our legislators said that this would be the end of illegal marijuana. Then along came hemp it soon overloaded the state resources for testing to see what legal to the point tracking it was impossible.

The state didn’t care as long as they could receive tax revenue from the legal folks reported sales.. All you hear is big money from outside our state was enough to swing the vote to legalize these drugs.

Now almost daily you read of multi-million dollar busts of illegal grow and manufacturing sites in our state. This has created a vast network of “home grown criminals” cashing in on this illegal market. These are just the little guys it has drawn in from other countries cartels that want their share of this easy money.

The employment department has stated there are a thousand illegal workers working for nothing, forced to live in poor shelters and too scared to open their mouth or they will be dealt with by these cartels.

These illegal growers steal needed water from our cities and farmers and use poisons to kill mice and rats that eat their crops.

Oregon voters have passed laws allowing a person to have “small amounts” of various drugs including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, fentanyl and others. If these people get caught with too much a new law sets the fine at $100 and to report to a local court.

Our nation reported a steep increase in the number of people dying of overdoses and Oregon is part of that number. I hope our Legislatures take notice of the problem they have created and find away to turn this issue around and put us back on the right track.

A concerned Oregon citizen,

Bill J Kluting


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