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Vote for Roden for Independence

My friend Dawn Roden is running for Independence City Council.  While we don't always agree on all subjects regarding politics, I can always count on Dawn's willingness to listen first so she can understand someone's point of view, which is invaluable in a community forum. 

Dawn believes we should listen to each other and reach out for understanding before we judge. Dawn has shown a desire to help and be accessible and will add an element of moderate consideration to any topic.

I trust her integrity and encourage Independence to vote for someone who has strong roots in the community.

Alejandro Lumbreras


A Huge Thank You

 The leadership of the Polk Community Free Clinic want to send out a huge thank you to all those who participated in the Health Screening Clinic on Saturday.  There were approximately 90 clients who came for some of the screening opportunities.   Our volunteers and provider partners were wonderful in welcoming those clients and offering a way for people to know and understand a little more about their health and risk factors.

Our partners for this day of health screening included members from the Lion’s Club International, Dallas Rotary, West Valley lab, Polk County Public Health, Dallas and Central Vision Clinics, Safeway, the Itemizer Observer, program students from Western Oregon University and the Oregon Family Coalition and of course many of the volunteers from PCFC and community.

The screening allows us to be able to focus on the few who need follow up care more accurately and gives us the opportunity to help clients learn more about taking charge of their own health.

Gail Saxowsky

Polk County Free Clinic

Pick Mordhorst for Polk BOC

Encouraging you to vote for Lyle Mordhorst for the Polk County Board of Commissioners.

I’ve been involved in my community for decades and I’ve never met anyone as dedicated to serve than Lyle Mordhorst. Lyle is hard-working, fair, a good listener, and has always put in the extra effort to get results. We need Lyle Mordhorst for four more years in Polk County.

Lyle is a family man and consensus builder who believes in public safety and improving the infrastructure. He’s accomplished so much since being appointed in 2019.

Together we can help him accomplish even more for all of Polk County. Vote Lyle for Polk.

Terry Kelly

West Salem

Mayors should condemn actions

Elections should be fair and based on merit. Candidates, regardless of their positions, should not have to face signs being stolen and/or vandalized repeatedly, tires being slashed, being harassed on social media, etc. As a Independence mayor candidate, I condemn these actions by a select few of my opponents supporters. I ask the current M/I mayors to condemn these actions as well. Citizens voluntarily stepping up to be considered for public service should not be treated like this.

Jack Waddell


Evans supports communities

Like many people locally, I’ve spent the past six months homeschooling children while working a full-time job. I spent weeks dismayed by the impact of Oregon wildfires on so many families and communities. I daily check updates on COVID rates and the science on how to protect my family. Now more than ever my votes must go to those who will protect our education systems, environment, and health care resources. This is why I support Paul Evans for Oregon House Representatives. His track record and endorsements prove his long-standing commitment to the education and health of our communities.

Marie LeJune


Danny need on BOC team

On a foggy Saturday morning with the election two weeks away, county commission candidate Danny Jaffer is doing a road clean-up with his Lions Club. That’s the service ethic he will bring to the commission. Read about him in the Oct 7 and Sep 2 Itemizer-Observer and listen to him on YouTube. You’ll see Danny’s education, experience, intelligence, and his ideas for Polk County. Couple that with his diplomacy and good humor and you’ll want him on the county commission team.

Michael Ward


Mordhorst works for road safety

We received two mailings from the Danny Jaffer campaign last week asking for our vote. He says he is going to work for new bridges, public health, a real solution to homelessness, clean air and water, but not a word on fixing the five dangerous intersections where our friends and neighbors are maimed or killed each year. Lyle Mordhorst, on the other hand, does make working to end the carnage a campaign promise and is right now actively working hard with ODOT to find and implement solutions for all of us.

That’s why I’m voting for Lyle.

Jeff Havlin


Vote Hansen for SD 12

Bernadette Hansen has my vote for Oregon Senate District 12. She puts priority on addressing tough times for many people – including housing insecurity, homelessness, job creation, and rural healthcare.

Hansen’s experience, logic, and commitment make a powerful combination. She will stay on the job, avoiding angry words and walkouts. From her website: “Good lawmaking comes from consensus and compromise.”

JoAnn Ekstrand


Jaffer will bring leadership to BOC

As a small business owner in Independence, I have witnessed firsthand the growing homeless population. This humanitarian crisis, along with the deepening COVID-19 pandemic and their combined effect on our community, calls for leadership at the county level. This is why I am supporting Danny Jaffer for County Commissioner. Danny has the leadership skills, the compassion for those in need, and a deep commitment to public service. After his retirement from the military, be it the local food bank, Lions Club, YMCA, or other volunteer positions; Danny has immersed himself in giving back to the community where he was raised.

Cathy Jones-Foster


I-O provides nice news cycle break

I’d like to thank the Itemizer-Observer for some outstanding articles that have been published recently. Amid the avalanche of national news about the coronavirus, and the back-and-forth of politics, it’s a pleasure to sit back and enjoy a well-written article about something interesting in our own vicinity. In particular, I appreciate Tom Henderson’s articles on the Grand Ronde Library and the antique printing press. Well done, I-O!

Linda Medsker


Re-elect John McArdle for Independence

Grants for businesses to help them get through COVID-19, Thanks to John McArdle. A revitalized downtown which creates an inviting place for businesses to set up shop and operate. A new, classy hotel that will provide rooms for visiting tourists, business groups, dignitaries. Thanks to John McArdle. A new sports park and amphitheater. Thanks to John McArdle. New housing developments that are affordable. Thanks to John McArdle. A vote for our city’s mayor is as important as a vote for who should be president. Vote John McArdle for mayor of Independence.

Marc Miller


Scorvo will solve problems in HD 23

I’m politically independent. In consideration of the House District 23 representative election, reading the voters pamphlet, when I read Scorvo’s statements, finally, a person running for a political office that is about solving problems without an ax to grind. He is someone who is not beholding to financial donors or to party (even though he is a democrat). He is about doing the “right thing” for the people and the state he represents based on DATA. See videos of his positions. Vote using your wisdom rather than following tribal colors. I think you’ll like this guy.

Wade White


Elect Jaffer to BOC

Please vote for Danny Jaffer for County Commissioner, the person with the training in logistics, in crisis management and experience with rural Polk County.

Danny grew up here, served as an officer in our Navy where he was trained in crisis management and in logistics, has supervised moving equipment, people and supplies in humanitarian emergencies. He received his JD from the University of Oregon because he wanted to understand how laws are made. He has served as an aide in the State House. Danny is serving on the Luckiamute Domestic Water Cooperative, as chair for the last eight years.

Rebecca Jay


Re-elect Evans to House

My first intense election cycle living in Independence, I’ve come to know Paul Evans as an honest, caring person. Come to learn he’s a veteran and a former firefighter, endorsed by Oregon Chiefs of Police and Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs. Imagine my surprise when I learn that Selma Pierce, who has no legislative experience, has already ponied up $475,000 of her own and her husband’s money (83% of total donations) to distort and misrepresent Paul’s record, all as an attempt to buy her way into office! The candidate for all of us in House District 20 is clear.

David Hargreaves


Vote Dalton for Dallas

I am writing to support the re-electing of Brian Dalton as the Dallas mayor. I have worked closely with Brian for several years as we formed the Dallas Downtown Association.

I have seen his heart and care for the welfare of our town. I believe he is the best choice for Mayor.

Brian works tirelessly and with faithful diligence for the best outcomes for Dallas.

He has a mature leadership, and at this time of turbulence in our world- the best choice to lead us forward into prosperity and progress.

I invite you to join me in voting for Dalton.

Cathey Sturtevant


Re-elect Brian Dalton mayor

To the editor: I highly recommend the re-election of Brian Dalton as mayor of Dallas. Brian is experienced, a natural leader, a retired Army officer, highly involved In the fabric of the community and passionate about Dallas. Please give him your vote.

William H. Harrod


Dalton serves Dallas well

Brian Dalton is running for mayor of Dallas and I highly recommend his re-election. I have served on committees with Brian and helped with projects. i.e. clean up areas of need, downtown and planning the big Eclipse party. Brian has done a great job in the position of mayor for years and during this time of crisis, it is important that he remain in office to see us through these hard times. I urge you to vote for Brian.

Rich Rohde


Re-elect Koontz in Monmouth

Leadership in critical times is important. Proven and experienced leadership in critical times is the only choice. That’s why I am voting for Cec Koontz for Mayor of Monmouth for a second term. I have known Cec for many years and in all of that time she has served her community and worked hard to improve access to resources, enhance community livability, and encourage growth and development. Through her leadership, Cec demonstrates compassion and concern for others. As our current Mayor, Cec has been a thoughtful and inclusive leader who listens, engages, and values all members of our community.

Tina Fuchs


Koontz encourages involvement

Cec Koontz writes a terrific piece in every month’s newsletter and October was no exception. When I read the Mayor’s most recent piece, I agreed completely that, “All politics is local.” In no way could it be construed as advocating a politically position. Cec encouraged residents to get involved, to study the issues and to not rely on rumor. She also encouraged all to VOTE! I do not see how any of her advice could be perceived as advocating a political position.

Monmouth’s Interim City Manager, Chad Olsen, was wise to give the complaint no credence.

Susan Fuller


Partisanship started years ago

In response to Brittney Hall’s column: Mindset Over Matter

You know when we as a nation started to divide along partisan lines? It was when a Black man was elected to the highest office in the land and the right responded with coded language, dog whistles, and outright racist rhetoric. It was when a lifer Senator named Mitch McConnell said, his “top priority in the next Congress is to ensure that President Barack Obama serves only one term.”

McConnell doubled down on that sentiment when he blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee in 2016 and now uses the same rationale Obama did to fight it, to shove through a disastrous nominee for President Trump.

But the final straw was the election of a racist, misogynistic, fraud named Donald Trump.

I am past trying to understand how my neighbors could support Trump. I do not want to try to understand how they justify supporting someone who separated parents and children at the border, caged children, mocked the disabled, described women who opposed him as dog-faced, cheated on multiple spouses, ogled his own daughter, maintained a long-term friendship with a pedophile, weaponized Twitter, and used every loophole, legal or otherwise, to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

We have not become a country of people who disagree about politics, we have become a country of people who disagree about what is moral. Racism, sexism, gender bias, philandering, ridicule, misogyny, pandering, fraud, and misappropriation are not moral attributes.

Shannon Corr


Evans has shown leadership

Elections allow candidates to show how they would act as elected leaders. In Paul Evans we have seen someone who forms coalitions, builds upon relationships in the community, and has a detailed plan of how to improve District 20. Paul Evans is a good man who has spent years in service to his country and community. While we don’t always agree, I know that he works to understand the complexities of a situation and make what he truly believes is the right decision. Paul Evans will work to make sure that House District 20 has a bright future.

Logan Adams


Daylight saving time ends

Hey! Everyone! Daylight saving time ends this weekend. So set your clocks back one hour. Less day -- more night and everybody knows that Black Nights Matter.

Thomas Howard


Letters Policy

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Evans has shown leadership

Elections allow candidates to show how they would act as elected leaders. In Paul Evans we have seen someone who forms coalitions, builds upon relationships in the community, and has a detailed plan of how to improve District 20. Paul Evans is a good man who has spent years in service to his country and community. While we don’t always agree, I know that he works to understand the complexities of a situation and make what he truly believes is the right decision. Paul Evans will work to make sure that House District 20 has a bright future.

Logan Adams


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