Wear bright clothes, pick up after your dogs

There sure seems to be a lot of weak-minded people running around. I don’t need to mention Trump voters, but what bugs me are people who go walking and jogging in the near dark or full darkness wearing their black or other dark clothes. I almost ran over a guy on my street, which has few sidewalks and poor lighting. It is very early, lighting is poor, and this dope is running in my direction in my lane. I came around a corner and there he was. Black sweatshirt and dark brown pants. I guess I should have nicked him just to teach him a life’s lesson.

Then there are people who do not pick up after their critter. What dopes, especially since they seem prone to let the animal do business in parks and playgrounds.

As for me, I’m gonna get me a big ’Merican flag, lash it up to my old pick-me-up truck and rip it to shreds as I cruise down the highway. What better way to show respect for the good ol’ U.S. Of A.

Fred Brown


Christmas Cheer Spirit awarded to Linford

Christmas Cheer awarded its first Volunteer of the Year Award on Dec. 24 to Vance Linford at the annual Christmas Cheer pack-out. Vance exemplifies the true spirit of the program by donating his time and energy each year to help deliver food boxes to local families on Christmas Eve. This year Vance, along with Scout troops, churches, business owners, firefighters, Search and Rescue, volleyball and missionary teams, Sheridan Prison employees, teachers and hundreds of school children and community members came, to the aid of families in Dallas and Falls City who needed an extra dose of love during the holidays. Christmas Cheer expanded this year to include the Adopt-A-Family food needs and was able to bless nearly 500 families with food items donated by community sponsors and supporters, local food drives and the Salvation Army. On Christmas Eve morning, hundreds of volunteers poured through the doors of LaCreole Middle School in a massive effort to help sort, package and deliver thousands of boxes of food to families who had signed up for a little assistance. The love of those who labored was poured into each box of goods, and it is our hope that the true meaning of Christmas Cheer came through with each delivery. Thank you to a wonderful community who supports and cares for each member and is willing to freely give their time, money and considerable effort to make this blessing a part of an annual tradition that grows stronger each year.

Judy Boustead


Local businesses, volunteers make it happen

I would like to thank Home Comfort of Dallas for their huge donation to the Dallas High School softball program. Thanks to their generous support, we now have heating and air conditioning for our indoor hitting facility. Now we will be able to comfortably utilize our facility year round!

I would also like to thank Falls Insulation and DC Electric for their generous contributions to this project. Their support is greatly appreciated by DHS Softball and others.

Finally, Shay Morrison deserves many thanks for putting all of this together. Shay is a tireless volunteer in the community, not only for softball but also for other sports. None of this would have been possible without Shay and the countless hours he spent orchestrating and installing all of our new features. A big thank you to Mike Loughary as well for helping with installation.

All of these community members are dear to our hearts at DHS Softball, and your bountiful support does not go unnoticed. We will put our upgraded facility to good use in the years to come, thank you all for making it possible.

Ruby Earhart


Let’s get back to family

It’s getting to be a common occurrence to hear about another mass shooting or attack on people, and it makes me wonder, “What are we becoming?”

We have elected a president who, on a daily basis, spews hate and vengeance on anyone he can think of, which I believe lets others feel they can do the same thing. He has no concern for this world; if he did he wouldn’t have pulled out of the French Climate Change. He’s canceled the Iran nuclear agreement, and now it appears we may be going to war with Iran. He has no objections to tearing kids from parents and putting them in cages with tin foil sheets. And he’s supposed to “lead” us?

But families are to blame as well. How often have you been to a restaurant and seen parents on their cellphones or tablet, totally ignoring their family? Recently, I was in a restaurant and after the family sat down next to me, the husband and three kids pulled out cellphones and totally ignored their mother. If I hadn’t spoke to her, she’d have talked to no one. Another time, a mother and daughter came in together and the mother exclaimed how she was having lunch with her daughter. Out came the phones, and they didn’t speak at all.

Parents need to establish family time where electronics are put away and families eat and talk to each other. The hate we see these days will be our downfall.

Clifford Brown


Thank you to a kind stranger

I just wanted to share a warm fuzzy story from earlier this afternoon. I stopped in at the Dallas Walmart to do some quick shopping. I got in line behind an older fellow. The clerk rang up his stuff, and afterward the gentleman told the clerk he wanted to pay for my items as well. Shocked, all I could say at the time was thank you. This gentleman’s kindness has been on my mind all evening. I didn’t get his name, but I was hoping you could print a big thank you for me.

Linda Budeau


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