Order out to help local restaurants

While we are mandated to stay home and not socialize during the Covid-19 pandemic, our local businesses are going to suffer. Restaurants can no longer serve patrons in their establishments. However, they can offer takeout. We ordered a delicious meal from Miramar Mexican Restaurant that we brought home to enjoy, and I want to thank them for remaining open to serve us. We intend to also order takeout from other restaurants in Dallas. The folks who reside in our community and who can afford a weekly takeout meal might consider helping our local restaurants to keep going until we get through this.

Ginger Gestra


Reaching out to learn more

I am writing to you as part of a class project for the novel, “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.” My classmates and I are contacting newspapers across the country in a state we chose to learn more about. I chose to do my project on Oregon because I don’t know much about Oregon, except for the forests.

I am writing to ask your readers to please tell me why they like Oregon, interesting facts about the state, and what visitors can do there. They can write to my school’s address, Queen of Peace Catholic School, 4508 Vistula Road, Mishawaka, IN 46544. If they could also include a copy of the newspaper where they saw my letter, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Alex LaCava

Mishawaka, Indiana

Grateful the I-O will live on

To the Editor, reporting, administrative and production and sales staff,

Thank you for your years of service.

I’m happy to hear that it appears that there will be many more!

Journalism, especially local journalism, is the light that keeps us informed and aware.

“Democracy dies in darkness.”

Very sincerely,

Danny Jaffer


Reader responds to cartoon criticism

The criticism of the political cartoon in a recent paper deserves a retort.

The tenacity of this scurrilous, vindictive leader no longer represents the “Grand Old Party” of years past.

What is most perplexing is that some mega religious leaders are urging their followers to support him.

Where is the separation of church and state?

I vividly recall words of wisdom from the past — no democracy survives more than 250 years.

Ruth M. Versteeg


Hometown paper makes a difference

In the midst of this extraordinary time, I went back to my hometown and took a walk. Wandering through the stillness of downtown Dallas, recounting memories like summer bike rides through alleyways, when Sassy’s was Blondie’s, the long-gone outdoor pool. As I walked by the IO office, I beamed with pride – this newspaper has been our steadfast. This newspaper has chronicled our history — not just the big stories — the bond measures, the business openings, the ever-expanding Barberry neighborhood — but the small stories. The school sports scores, Polk County Fair results, the Sounds of Summer concert lists. Those “small stories” are the articles my mother cut out and put on the fridge, allowing them to yellow with time. Thank you, IO, for capturing these moments. I love this newspaper, to see Polk County represented with pride, to even see how the design of the paper has evolved and improved over time. I’m so appreciative of everyone who contributes to the paper.

Going home just wouldn’t be the same without reading the IO at my parents’ kitchen table. Thank you for printing my hometown’s news.

Victoria Wilson


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