Motorcyclist apologizes to driver

To Whom it may Concern: Saturday was a beautiful day in the valley. I took a motorcycle ride from Lebanon to Dallas. It was my first time in Dallas, and I was pretty much turned around and a bit lost. I was looking for the drive-through at your local DQ. I found Jefferson Street, but I was in the wrong lane to turn.

Glancing to my left, I saw a full-sized pickup pulling a low-boy trailer. But, there was a bit of space. Not enough, but a little space. Being on a motorcycle, which is responsive and agile — I jumped in front of the pickup, cutting the driver off and making my left turn. All-the-while, displaying some attitude (there was no crudeness involved). The driver honked — rightly so.

I have no idea who the driver was, but I own him an apology.

Ted Boatsman


Vote Mordhorst for Commissioner

Please join me in supporting Lyle Mordhorst for Polk County Commissioner. Lyle has proven that he is dedicated, he cares about his community and that he is a man of his word. Lyle is approachable and he listens to his constituents. He recognizes the value of the County’s professional staff and bases his decisions on the facts they provide, the law and the interests of all citizens of Polk County. He has experience with county government, is honest and has the skills necessary to do the job. Vote for Lyle Mordhorst – the best candidate for your Polk County Commissioner.

Jennifer Wheeler


Maintain hope, even in isolation

Many years ago (46) as a young married, I met an older woman who I enjoyed visiting with. Her name was Milly.

She had a small home that she kept well. One day, she invited me for tea, and I was pleased to accept.

As we went into her eating area, I noticed that there was a beautiful place setting already on the table, her place for her meals. A plate, cup, and saucer, knife, fork and spoon, on a clean napkin. I remarked to her how pretty it looked. She told me she felt it was important to remember who she was in Christ Jesus.

As a child of the King, she felt she need to be her “best” in each day the Lord gave her. Even as a widow, alone, she continued on, thank for each day.

This helped me to remember who I am.

This is a time when we cannot gather together with friends and family. This includes church families.

For many, Sundays are the only time they hear the Word being spoken.

The rest of the week is empty unless the Bible is opened by a hungry soul.

My hope and prayer is that as we walk through this time of uncertainty that we will include the hope we have been given in the Book of Life, the Bible.

That we can continue the steadfast walk by faith one verse at a time, Romans 8:24-25.

For in this hope we were saved. But hope this is seen is not hope at all.

Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

Sherry Grippin


Elect Mordhorst Commissioner

Lyle leads with honesty, integrity, accountability and great business experience and really cares for the people and community. Newest of the commissioners, Lyle’s common sense and problem-solving ability you would think he is a seasoned official. Let us keep a person who will listen and will roll up their sleeves go to work for improving our county. Tackling current challenges, engaging government agencies for our needs and budget wisely for our County all the more reasons for us to re-elect Lyle Mordhorst to Polk County Commissioner.

Tim Klarr

West Salem

Intersection still cause for concern

At a Dec. 16 meeting held at Perrydale School, residents of the area gathered to discuss the intersection of Highway 99W and Bethel-Perrydale Road. Representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation were expected to be there to discuss concerns about the intersection. State staff didn’t show up at this meeting. They were on a retreat. But Polk County staff and Commissioner Lyle Mordhorst stood in for them. Lyle really stood up for them.

Citizen  concerns were that traffic cresting hills on Highway 99W has limited time to brake if traffic on the highway is backed up or vehicles are crossing 99W from Bethel Road. Traffic volumes have increased substantially and the south bound lane is particularly prone to clogging because of drivers turning left onto Bethel Road. School bus drivers have some horrific stories about negotiating this intersection. But we hoped that, at last, there would be an improvement. For the last year, extensive work has been going on at the intersection. New lanes were constructed. Right of way areas were cleared. We were wrong. The work being done was to install larger culverts under the Highway to ensure safe passage of fish (that aren’t there).

Finally we heard that there hadn’t been enough deaths at that intersection to warrant an improvement. Commissioner Morhorst and County staff clearly were and are in ODOT’s corner regarding this project! On April 9, two people in a car died and a third was taken by helicopter to a hospital when a semi hit a car in the exact area where we wanted safety improvements. Does the intersection now warrant the official mandate for improvement?

Dan Van Otten


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