Shaw-Slife for DSD

We support Carol Shaw-Slife for Dallas School Board because of her background with youth and families.

She worked in the Salem-Keizer District for 20 years, as a bilingual teaching assistant and with bilingual special programs. After earning a degree in English and Spanish from Linfield, Carol worked in Polk, Yamhill, and Marion counties, advocating for excellent education and graduation for students across communities. She worked with many people across the “lines” of age, ability, language, and perspectives. While listening and learning, she still remains open to new ideas. She is committed to addressing the needs of students/ families and the community.

Bob and Carol Christ


Backyard fires inconsiderate

My patience is wearing thin by the insensitivity of these people with backyard fire pits. This past week has been beautiful and the nighttime temps have been ideal for cracking a window to let in a little fresh air, but every night for the past week, neighbors have been polluting the air.

Just today (April 13) a fire ban was issued but that hasn’t stopped them. I would call the police and lodge a complaint but I doubt it would do any good. I am simply asking the neighbors to consider that their actions affect others. We are due for another dry and potentially active wildfire season this year.

Does anyone remember last September? I shudder at the thought of having to keep my windows closed indefinitely because of someone else’s lack of consideration for others.

Jessie Rice


Wyden’s River Democracy Act is beneficial

This week, I was able to take part in Senator Wyden’s virtual townhall for Polk County. I wanted to share my support for a bill he has introduced with Senator Merkley called the River Democracy Act.

The bill designates over 4,000 miles of rivers in all corners of Oregon as Wild and Scenic Rivers to expand recreation access and boost local economies, protect drinking water for families, reduce wildfire threats, and sustain endangered fish and wildlife species. This is an important bill for our county, our region, and our state.

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown our state how critical our public lands and waters are for our physical and mental wellbeing. It will protect Oregon’s treasured rivers without impacting private property rights, water rights, and existing permits and rights of way on federal lands. I also want to applaud the way Senators Wyden and Merkley crafted the bill.

They wrote the bill after soliciting feedback from across our state. Oregonians from around the state and all walks of life nominated rivers and streams for inclusion in the bill, making the River Democracy Act a bill by and for the residents of our state.

Thank you, Senators Wyden and Merkley, for your work on this vital bill and for continuing your tradition of townhalls in every county in our state.

Steve Bell

Independence Letters


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