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COVID-19 restrictions are our fault

Recent changes to the status of Polk County regarding Covid-19 restrictions, from moderate to high risk, reflect the current atmosphere of nonchalance regarding the virus. The more we ignore mask requirements, social distancing, and vaccinations, the longer we will remain in some form of lock-down status. The Governor is not to blame. The Legislature is not to blame. Oregon’s Health Authority is not to blame. No, we need look no further than our own mirrors to view the culprits. So, stop being selfish, follow the science, and the pandemic will finally, finally be over.

Florence Glatt


Farewell to Councilor Lawson

First, best of luck to (Dallas) Councilor Jackie Lawson in her new out of state projects. Now on to filling her seat on the Council. From the article in the I-O I can understand the city’s options in filling the council seat. Without a doubt it will be a political decision. I sincerely hope the position is not filled by another “builder” or “lobbyist” for a builder.

Dallas is already overbuilt and over populated. When I came to Dallas, years ago, the city at that time was concerned about our water situation being low for the amount of residences in Dallas. To my knowledge there has been no improvement in that area, yet we are continuing to build more and more houses, duplexes, multi-family, etc. Plus our infrastructure cannot adequately handle our current growth. What we need is a moratorium on building, not more building.

Richard Long


Free clinic thanks volunteers

The Polk Community Free Clinic would like to thank all the volunteers that participated in the Spring Health Screening on April 24. We would also forward a special thank you to Salem Health for providing their mobile vaccination van and team to provide vaccines for our patients, the Dallas Lions for providing vision services, and Dallas Rotary for their continued support of PCFC. Without the help of the community, PCFC could not function to provide sorely needed medical services and vaccinations for the medically unserved. Thank you all and God bless.

Robert Davies, Gail Saxowsky and Maria Trujillo

Polk Community Free Clinic

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