Jaffer is dedicated to service

Please vote for Danny Jaffer for Polk County Commissioner next month.

Danny is a retired Navy pilot and a natural-born leader. I have watched him in many complex situations calmly take charge of people and resources to find the correct outcomes. As President of Central Lions Club or the Luckiamute Domestic Water District, Danny leads with intelligence and enthusiasm.

Born and raised in Polk County, Danny brings a skill set to the Board of Commissioners not seen in many years. Dedication to public service, smarts, compassion, and leadership. Please vote for Danny Jaffer.

Michael Cairns


Recycling center should be open

I just saw the sign on the closed gate of the recycle center. “Closed” until further notice due to “social distancing.” This is total rubbish. It’s never busy enough to worry about social distancing and the person who works there has a choice as to how far he stands from patrons, has a hand-wash station, and wears gloves.

It seems to me like a recycle center would be a necessary service for those of us who live in the county and do NOT receive pick-up service. For the last 19 years it’s been our responsibility to cart our recycle to the center for no other reason than to preserve profit (because we do it for free) to the company and presumably the county ... and now it’s closed?

So, now what are we supposed to do? Throw away everything so it is taken from our home and doesn’t create a health hazard? Drive it to another city and expose ourselves and others in the place we transport it to when the order, by state direction is to stay home?

It’s always been inconceivable that we folks who live in the county outside of Dallas city limits have to transport our recycle to town when recycling is SO important.

So, when are we going to receive our recycle bins, free of charge, and have it retrieved from our home since we can’t drop it off, free of charge? Consider your contract.

April Degele


Trump dislikes disagreement

Trump continues to hurl insults and rude comments to everyone who doesn’t agree with him. He’s taunting Mitt Romney for self quarantining after being exposed; says he inherited a ‘broken system’ from Obama, even though he’s been in office 3-plus years; he wants governors to be ‘appreciative’ for everything his administration has done during the pandemic; calls Washington’s governor a ‘presidential candidate loser’ and the governor of Michigan ‘that woman.’ The man has some definite ego issue. His ‘social media’ advisors don’t seem to be able to get the point across to him — although most people don’t need an advisor for social media. And it appears to be a Republican trait. North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer tweets that Nancy Pelosi is ‘retarded’.

It’s interesting Florida is getting everything governor DeSantis requests from the government stockpile, whereas other states get 170 broken respirators or thousands of moldy masks. That’s right — Trump’s hotel is in Florida.

Nine states, with Republican governors, have not called for a ‘shelter in place.’ Don’t they realize it’s a proven fact social distancing is the best defense against the virus? Then there is Fox news reporter Ainsley Earhardt who says her friends are concerned because they can’t get their hair or nails done during the lockdown. Let me see — nice hair and nails or dead.It’s not that hard for me to decide.

Clifford Brown


Happy to see the I-O open

We just wanted you to know how happy we were that a buyer came through for the Itemizer-Observer. We really appreciate all you do for the library and the community. Community newspapers are really important. No one else reports on or cares about the things that matter in small cities and rural areas.

Thank you for your help in the past, and best wishes for many years of I/O reporting in the future.

Staff at the Dallas Public Library

Reader hopes the paper quality stays

We just read about the change in the paper. Our hope is the staff and quality of our local paper stays the same.

We have been faithful readers the past 45 years and our hope is even though a change has been made, let’s keep the same quality of the paper alive and well.

Gregg Darr

Falls City

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