Strong schools, strong communities

My name is Jenn Larson and I would like to share why I am running for the Perrydale school board position No.4. I believe that strong schools make strong communities. My primary focus is keeping Perrydale’s interest at the forefront of all our decisions. Our kids deserve to be afforded their best chance to succeed. I will continue working together with our administration, teachers and students to take advantage of every possible opportunity so their experiences will guide their future. I support our teachers. I will vote with the Perrydale community. I listen to ideas and concerns. Let’s keep Perrydale Great!

Jenn Larson


Vote yes on the Public Safety levy. No one wants to go back to the pre-levy days. Those who are new since then should join us in voting yes to ensure we keep our high level of dedicated professionals. Without them Polk County had serious issues. As more people move in we definitely need to keep up. Please join me in voting yes on the Public Safety levy.

Jayne Weis


Foundation benefits kitchen

For many years the Dallas Community Foundation has generously supported the work of James2 Community Kitchen in serving meals to those in need in Dallas. Once again this year the Foundation has given a $4,000 grant to the Kitchen for food purchases for the Dallas sites at the United Methodist Church and St. Philip Catholic Church. The board of James2 and its many volunteers would like to gratefully acknowledge that support and commend the Community Foundation for its support of so many worthy organizations in the Dallas Area.

Karen Hays


Re-elect Scharf for Perrydale

My family supports Anna Scharf for re-election to the Perrydale School board. Anna has been on the board for 4 years and served on the budget committee for 2 years prior. She also regularly attended board and budget meetings for 5 years prior to running for office to learn about the commitment needed. Anna does extensive research prior to every board meeting and believes in being informed prior to voting. She is dedicated to the school district’s viability today and into the future. Her family has been in the district for many years and will be for years to come.

Tracie Tish


Support public safety; yes on levy

An important vote is upcoming in May. Four years ago, the sheriff’s office was unable to staff 24-hour patrols, let alone investigate crimes and arrest offenders. We must not let the sheriff’s office again lose its ability to maintain patrols, answer calls in progress, to detect and arrest offenders. The levy supports the District Attorney’s Office and courts to ensure the safety of our citizens. IF the levy fails, it means losing thousands of dollars invested in hiring, schooling, equipping and salary, not to mention retaining competent staff. I am asking you to vote for renewal of the levy.

Ray Steele


Take a moment to be thankful

I recently contacted a very large U.S. government organization about a problem. I received a reply and solution in just a couple days. I wrote back thanking the person for the early reply and complimented the person for the help. The person wrote back that I was literally the only person who had said something positive to them this week. After some thought I said to that person “Most everyone nowadays looks for things to whine about rather than things to compliment over.”

Perhaps we all should take a minute to appreciate those people who support us rather than tearing them down. It is a tough job dealing with us.

Fred Brown


Vote yes to maintain services

I have talked to District Attorney Felton and have had more conversations with Sheriff Garton as to the needs of Polk County and public safety. I have ridden with three deputies. All of these people are approachable and willing to talk about the issues facing Polk County. I am pleased with the progress in rebuilding our public safety services, and I therefore highly recommend a yes vote for The Public Safety levy. Please vote yes.

Gary Weis


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