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Thank you for support at fair

Now that the 2021 Polk County Fair is one for the history books, we would like to take the time to thank the community for your tremendous support for 4-H.

Thanks to the parents and leaders for helping young people gain new knowledge and skills and reach their project goals.

We greatly appreciate our many award donors. It helps us to honor our outstanding award winners ranging from fair premium money to college scholarships. It’s so exciting to watch the smiles and elation as kids earn their first blue ribbon or win a trophy.

The Polk County Livestock Association is a terrific partner as sponsor of our Market Auction program. They make it possible for youth to recoup much of the cost of raising their market animal projects. The auction wouldn’t be successful without the many auction buyers. The profit from their animals will be used to pay their feed bills, invest in schools clothes and supplies and college tuition, going right back into the local economy.

Thanks to the Polk County Fair Board and management for the terrific job organizing the details. The superintendents do a tremendous job organizing the barns, classes and judging. It takes hundreds of hours of preparation to carry out the fair.

It truly takes a village, and Polk County 4-H is thankful to be part of your village. You have contributed greatly to the many exciting and positive experiences for our 4-H participants. Thanks for your part in helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Susan Busler


Thanks to fair staff, volunteers

We would like to express our sincere “Thanks” to the staff and volunteers who made the 2021 Polk County Fair a happy event.

It takes many hours of planning before, during, and after the fair to make this traditional event happen and the 2020 absence was truly missed by many.

True, the weather was really mean for all the 4-H kids, animals, and those who attended but it was still great to see the fair take place. We are in hopes that the 2022 Polk County Fair will be just as much fun!

Deb Darr

Falls City

Beware of what is beneath the surface

Referring to Dale Derouin’s letter, “We are all in the same boat,” I would agree that our nation has divided into “I and We communities” and that the “I” group is concerned with protecting their personal freedoms while the “We” group is concerned with the general welfare of the entire group (all people) comprising this nation.

From this perspective the “I” group sounds a bit selfish while the “We” group more noble and selfless. But something sinister lurks beneath the surface here.

Looking deeper we see the “We” group while, nobly watching out for the health and well-being of all people, has concluded that their beliefs, or their way of looking at things, is correct. Therefore, for the good of the nation, we should all do it their way. Essentially they are saying, “All those ‘I’ group people should stop being so selfish, give up those tightly held personal rights and freedoms, put down their weapons, and do it our way.”

On the other hand, the “I” group people say, “You can go ahead and do it your way, but let me do it my way. I will even fight for your right to do it your way even though you are trying to take away that same right from me.”

And now we see that the “We” group is the more selfish of the two, but more importantly, they represent a clear and present danger when it comes to protecting and preserving the foundational rights and freedoms that our country was founded on and for which countless men and women have bled and died.

Beware what lies beneath the surface.

Bruce McGillivray


City needed more foresight

The city of Dallas says it’s not a water problem, it’s a storage problem.

Well it’s an infrastructure problem that the city has chosen to kick down the road for years while doling out building permits like its water.

And yes there is a drought but this is no surprise to anyone in the region who pays the least bit of attention to weather cycles. Instead of ignoring the situation and having some foresight to start preparing for the inevitable, we now are threatened with guilt every time we brush our teeth let alone water a plant.

Dead brown summers, higher water bills, depreciation of properties and maybe drinking mud by October. Coulda-woulda-shoulda.

Charlotte Foster


Radical right not so right

I too am a Republican, born one, served as one, still one after 92 years. But, I also got the COVID vaccine, and wear a mask when appropriate.

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe not. I served in the Marine Corps for twenty-two years, and I believe in American democracy. Aiding and abetting a seditious mob intent on attacking and destroying our elected government, in my opinion, is an act of treason.

The writer of a prior Letter to the Editor likened one of our officials, who helped a mob, to the biblical King David who also “made mistakes.” David’s mistakes included having a soldier killed so he could seduce his wife. Hardly a simple “mistake,” and neither is letting a mob in to the Capitol building to do harm.

The radical “Rights” of the Republican Party are doing extreme damage to the party, which is disappointing. I have reasons of my own to feel the way they do. I just don’t think their actions are beneficial. The mobs in D.C. and at the State Capitol did much more harm than good. There wasn’t any good in what they did.

John Schoon

Former State Representative, Salem

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