PCSO provides great service

I wish to make a “shout out” to Polk County Sheriff Mark Garton, his staff, and his deputies. We, in Polk County, are blessed for having such capable and dedicated leadership in our law enforcement.

On a few occasions, I have made email inquiries directly to Garton and/or phone inquiries to dispatch. Every time, my requests for service or assistance were handled with prompt professionalism.

As the sheriff writes on the county website, he works hard every day to provide programs and services that focus on safety and security. I believe that this gentleman, as a leader, expects 110% the same from all the men and women who serve in the force and on the staff.

The sheriff’s department is doing a tremendous job, especially in these troubled times. While you are contemplating the things you are thankful for during this Christmas season, please keep in mind our exemplary sheriff’s department, and say a prayer for them. Sheriff Garton and company deserve it.

David Gray


Not even a constitutional sheriff can save us

As we approach year end and the Covid-19 virus changes yet again, not even a constitutional sheriff can save us. (Is there such a thing as an unconstitutional sheriff?) The only thing that can help us is to follow the advice of the medical experts who study and understand the changeling nature of the virus. As Nobel laureate Bob Dylan said years ago, the times they are a changing, and if you can’t lend a hand, then get out of the way. The times are changing, and will affect us all whether we believe it or not. Probably the biggest change we’ll see is to world climate. It’s time to admit that the waters around us have grown, and we all must change the way we live if we want to leave a livable world to future generations. What are you willing to change?

Dale Derouin


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