Food bank fills cupboards with help

The Dallas Food Bank is sending a huge thank you to our generous and thoughtful community members and groups.

We were able to provide 300 healthy and hearty Thanksgiving meals to our clients this year.

Thanks to the Polk County Fairgrounds for providing food storage for us.

Thanks to Safeway and the community for a successful Turkey Bucks Drive. It enabled un to distribute 102 holiday meals.

Thanks to the Dallas Downtown Merchants Association for donating 73 turkeys.

Thanks to Grocery Outlet for your generosity, assistance, and continued support.

Thank you to Walmart for your weekly support.

We would also like to thank the Oregon Food Bank for a grant for our new commercial freezer. It definitely helps with organization and providing more food for the community.

Mona Ordonez


Corthell OK’d firearms before

Concerning your article on Dec. 18 regarding the termination of my wife JoHanna Birr as city clerk at the city of Falls City, I find it very disconcerting that city manager Mac Corthell is willing to lie about giving permission to have firearms. After retiring from Salem Police Department after 36 years in law enforcement, he was recruiting me to do code enforcement.

We discussed the position, and I expressed my concerns about my safety engaging in enforcement efforts by myself in Falls City, which has no municipal police force. It was Mac Corthell who volunteered that I could carry a concealed weapon.

Beginning on my hire date of Aug. 1, 2018, I carried a concealed pistol every day I worked there. There was even a day he was discussing how he wanted to purchase his girlfriend a pistol for self-protection but didn’t know what to buy. I showed him my Kahr sub-compact 9 mm and said these are pretty great.

I was neither suspended, fired, or had the sheriff’s office called on me. When the facts don’t fit his agenda, he will change the facts. He has even lied to law enforcement recently on multiple occasions, saying neither one of us had permission to carry a concealed weapon. Who would believe I would work there for $11 an hour and put my safety at risk? It is a disgrace he would lie to the public as well as law enforcement.

Steve Birr

Salem Police Department (ret)


Some gifts don’t cost money

This story takes place in the late ’70s or early ’80s. It was a time when we didn’t have much money — actually, no money. We had a freezer, but nothing was in it.

The one thing we did have and still do have is a happy family.

At the time, we had several heads of sheep, cattle, donkeys and other small farm animals. Our daily routine was for Mr. Darr to rise and feed the stock in the morning, while I would rustle the morning meal. I got a few extra minutes to stay in the warm house while the Mister went out into the weather to get wet or cold.

Our oldest child was about 10, and he wanted to give his dad something nice for Christmas, but funds were low and none were readily available to give.

He came across an idea to give his dad the gift of love rather than a material gift. Our son set his alarm clock for about 5 a.m., and in the cold and dark, he did all the chores that his dad normally did, and snuck back to his bed while the family slept.

Can you imagine the Mister’s surprise when he discovered the stock munching hay, the eggs gathered, and no one around to own up to the work done?

Once Mr. Darr sat down at the table, our son ran into the kitchen shouting, “Happy Christmas, Dad.”

Happy Christmas!

Deb Darr

Falls City

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