Keep bottles, cans coming

The Dallas Booster Club continues to collect cans and bottles. Since we launched the Turf Project in 2017, we have earned nearly $50,000. We still host a collection day on the last Saturday of every month at Les Schwab, with a different team earning several hundred dollars each time. Don’t forget that you can always drop off your bags anytime during Les Schwab business hours, too.

We would like to thank Buchanan, LLC for giving us space to sort and store bags. And Les Schwab continues to be a wonderful partner for DHS athletics in our community. We couldn’t do all of this without a steady stream of volunteers such as Todd and Wendy Whitlow, and the original can and bottle crew from the Turf Project. Most of all, we thank you, the people in our community, who donate regularly so that we can keep this fundraiser going.

Stephanie Earhart

Dallas Booster Club President


White House circus continues

What is Trump hiding?

President Trump continues to call the impeachment hearings a scam, a joke, and everything else he can think of. If this is the case, what is he hiding? How many people has he “prohibited” from testifying, invoking presidential privileges? If he has nothing to hide, why not let people testify? Plus, Tweet attacks directed to someone testifying again proves he has not respect for anyone.

What other strange things has he done lately? He stated he opened a new Apple business in Texas even though it’s been there four years.

Trump calls Kellyanne Conway’s husband a “total whack job.” That’s right — he criticized Cadet Bonespur.

One day Trump states the Navy will not remove Gallagher’s Navy SEAL emblem, but two days later says they can. Which is it?

Even poor Donald Jr. is having a bad day. To get his book on the best seller list, the Republican party spent almost $100,000 on copies of his book. Were they worried no one would buy one?

And too many Republicans are following Trumps attacking anyone and everyone. The Michigan GOP leader says the governor is as crazy as a “%*#*&%* bat.” And the Republican candidate Daniella Stella, running against Ilhan Omar, says Omar should be hanged. More hate.

Clifford Brown


Unexpected penalties hit Social Security

Thousands of senior citizens received shocking news when they opened their award letter from Social Security for 2020. Many of us were expecting a very modest increase in our net Social Security payment only to discover we were being penalized for making too much money, even if you have reached full retirement age of 66. When I questioned the Social Security representative about the penalty, he kindly explained that this falls under the Affordable Care Act. The good news he said was that it was only for one year. As a widow, to avoid any penalties, I can only earn a maximum of $87,000 in one year. Anything above that is penalized on a tiered basis. In 2018, I exceeded that amount and now have to pay and additional $144.60 in Part B and $31.50 in Part D penalties. This income was an aberration and not my normal income. These penalties are going to hurt not only myself but other seniors who are now going to be forced to go back to work to make up the difference keeping in mind we can only earn no more than $87,000 in gross income including our Social Security, interest income, 401 K benefits, etc.

I am calling on all seniors affected to contact senators Wyden and Merkley and Rep. Schrader to their help in correcting this situation for seniors.

Lizbeth Boyd


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