Letters to the editor for Dec. 26

Reader struggles with Trump vote

Who Voted for Trump?

As days go by and our president is in the news on a regular basis, I often wonder who voted for him. I can’t imagine women voting for him when he is recorded saying when you’re famous you can grab women by their private parts, has several allegations of sexual misconduct, and is known to have paid off Stormy Daniels after having an affair.

I can’t imagine Mexicans voting for him as he wants to build a multi-million (or multi-billion) dollar wall to keep Mexicans out. And he is now threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get the money.

I can’t imagine military personnel voting for him as he called John McCain weak because he got caught by the Viet Cong, he took five deferments to avoid the military, belittled a Gold Star family, and stated military people with PTSD are weak.

I can’t see Native Americans voting for him as he authorized by executive order running the oil line through sacred land and over the river that supplies drinking water to the reservation in South Dakota.

But I can’t see anyone who is not Native American voting for him as the Administration just reduced the number of immigrations from 45,000 to 30,000.

I can’t see anyone with young children or grandchildren voting for him as he pulled out of the French Global Warming group as he doesn’t believe it’s an issue, so the younger generations must not be that important to him.

So, how did he get in the White House anyway?

Clifford Brown


Lions provides help with vision

Do you, or someone you know, have vision problems, needing an eye exam and/or glasses? Are you also financially challenged?

The Central Lions Club will help you get free vision services, including glasses, if you are in need and live in the Independence-Monmouth area.

We can also help with hearing problems.

This is only one service that the Central Lions Club provides in our great community.

To take advantage of these services, contact Jan at 503-838-1834 or jburk@croisan.com.

To learn more about joining the Central Lions Club, contact me at michael.cairns@yahoo.com.

Michael Cairns


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