President admires dictators

The current president has demonstrated his admiration for dictators on numerous occasions.

He has long expressed the desire to be absolute ruler of these United States of America. He has demonstrated this almost daily by his constant attack of our free press (the voice of the people), by his apparent total contempt for the laws of our country, his willingly complete lack of knowledge as to our Constitutional form of governance, and most recently by his actions to usurp the legally proscribed duties of our elected representatives.

Those whom so vigorously support this man’s actions would do well to research the history of dictators, emperors and royalty. Almost without exception, the rights of their subjects are extinguished, including the right of assembly, the right to free speech, the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, nearly every right guaranteed to us by our Bill of Rights is denied to those living under the merciless rule of those the current president admires.

Be careful what you ask for.

Greg Creal


Vote for Independence park daily

From Feb. 20 until March 20, the Portland Trailblazers and Moda Health are sponsoring a contest that will give money to one of three Oregon cities for park play equipment that includes equipment for special needs children. The amount of money will be determined by how many assists the Trailblazers will have this season. The three cities for this year’s contest are Independence, Prineville and Baker City. Independence currently is lagging way behind the other two cities in the voting. 

I have personally made flyers and brought them to about 10 businesses in Independence and Monmouth. Only one, Petals and Vines, was aware of the contest. Some became quite enthused when told of the contest and the winning prize. This newspaper had a very good article on page one about this contest, but the voting information was at the end of the article and a couple of people told me that they never did finish reading the article. I have mailed copies of the article to approximately 30 family and friends urging them to vote. There are so many easy things one can do to inform people of the contest and to vote for Independence’s park project.

To vote for Independence, visit trailblazers.com/assists. Voting is real easy. You need an email account. You can vote daily until March 20.

Please get the word out and remember to vote daily.

Karen L. Horner


Dinner, dessert auction successful

On Feb. 2, the Dallas FFA Alumni, with the help from the Dallas FFA Chapter members, hosted their annual Hearts and Wine dinner and dessert auction. This event is a key fundraiser for the Dallas Alumni Association. The fundraiser provides scholarship money for Dallas FFA graduates, and provides funds to help with FFA Chapter activities like the State FFA Convention. The night began with appetizers, followed by a dinner of tri-tip steak, baked potatoes, pasta and Caesar salad, rolls, and barbecue sauce. After dinner, the dessert auction took center stage. Thanks to the support and generosity of our community, the Dallas FFA Alumni made a significant amount of proceeds on the desserts alone. This money will help brighten the future of young agriculturists. The Dallas FFA and Alumni would like to extend a sincere thanks to all that made it possible.

AnnMarie Johnson


Salem council decision short-sighted

It was disappointing to read in the Feb. 20 I-O that the Salem City Council has scrapped plans to build a third bridge over the Willamette River. After 13 years and $9 million, it sends a clear signal of the befuddlement of our times.

It is a good thing we constructed the thousands of bridges this country utilizes every day back when we could get things done. In this inept day and age, we now find ourselves we can’t build a simple bridge over a relatively small river let alone accomplish infrastructure feats like the Hoover Dam or Golden Gate Bridge.

It appears city leaders have no regard for time and production lost as commuters continue to waste time and gas as the backup continues to worsen each year. You would think that safety, a citizen’s well-being (many inhabitants on the west side of the river access the Salem Hospital along with other essential services) would come into play, but evidently not. It is not far-fetched to conceive of a day when the aging bridges do not survive an earthquake, or are deemed structurally unsound. Was the council so naive to think they would find a location that everyone would be pleased with?

Lastly, this bridge debacle should serve as an object lesson for those in the country that think a more socialistic model with the government taking even more responsibility over our lives will be in any way advantageous.

Leif Anderson


Drivers responsible for safety

I read your letter about the roundabout, and you have some good arguments for it. My question to you is: How often do you drive that highway during the year?

As a local resident, I question if you understand the traffic that uses this highway. Have you seen the farm equipment from spring through fall, transferring combines, hay balers, and then the trucks that transfer bales to the farms? Have you seen the recreational vehicles in the summertime heading to and from the Coast, or lines of family cars going to Fourth of July celebrations, county fair, or even just the flea market? The big ones are packed lines going to and from the home ball games at our three universities — Monmouth, Corvallis and Eugene. Just try and enter that highway on a Satruday from a side road.

Getting these pieces of farm equipment, RV trailers and fifth-wheels, 18-wheel trucks and even these large pickup trucks around the roundabout will only slow traffic down and plug up the moving traffic more.

The true problem is not the highway, but the drivers that use it. That area of the road is wide open, and a driver is able to see a good distance both ways. Accidents occur when drivers do not use common sense.

Look both ways and don’t try to beat the oncoming traffic. A big one is using your lights during fog. Granted, the lights may not help the driver, but they sure show the oncoming traffic you are there.

If the drivers who use this highway used common sense, giving themselves more time to get where they are going, look both ways and use less speed, we could see less accidents.

Open your eyes, folks, use your brain, and then maybe you and I will live longer.

Sandra Park


Past time for people to awaken

How long will we continue to live with daily deception from the White House?

Trump’s delivery of the “state of emergency” has provided us a rude awakening of the new brand of citizenship. Clearly, two-thirds of our population are opposed to this disruption.

The voice of dissent will continue to emerge among the citizenry. How long will we continue to awaken to another misguided missile from the president?

Surely an awakening will follow from the hills to the hollow.

Ginger Richard


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