POTUS unfit for government

Some relief please.

So: Thanks again to the sad administrative saga of the Trump Reign.

Not only will we continue with a POTUS unfit for anything connected to a fair and reasoned government (that is unless you are white, mostly male, a so-called conservative Christian and/or very wealthy), but also the willingness of Mitch and his cronies to allow a malevolent trickster and his pugnacious minions to keep a hold on our fleeting democracy.

This is most troubling and down right scary.

In my over 50 years of voting, I have never witnessed such an act of cognitive constipation by elected and appointed representatives.

Let us hope that willful ignorance does not happen again in November.

Political laxatives anyone?

Louis Stuckey


Where art thou, customer service?

Will someone please encourage Republic Services to bring back their Corvallis customer service phone line? Will someone please encourage a review of the Polk County (Republic) contract the franchise has with our county? With out-of-state phone help, there is a lack of customer service in Dallas. I am a regular, routine, not extra, on-call customer and have been since moving here in 2005. Losing the Corvallis phone connection has been tough. Out-of-state customer service folks have no idea there is a Dallas, Oregon, or what on-call service is. Thank God for the truck crew, as they are truly awesome. They are the shining light in this dimly lit arena. Dallas continues to grow; waste disposal is important. Where art thou, customer service and meeting needs of us with small carbon footprints?

Ann Richmond


Time for Salem to clean up ‘homeless’

After a drive through downtown Salem for the last couple of days, it seems we are being taken over by the “homeless.” I, for one, will not be shopping in that area for some time to come. Does seem we are enabling rather than helping these folks. I think it is about time that Salem cleans up this mess.

Moira Gates


Trump is ‘extremely dangerous’

No matter how he looks at it, Trump was still impeached by the House, and now his paybacks and vengeance comes out. He has fired the European Union ambassador and the top National Security Officer for Ukraine for testifying against him. He’s lashed out at Nancy Pelosi calling her “a horrible person,” accuses Mitt Romney of using his religion “as a crutch,” says Adam Schiff is “a corrupt politician.” Does Trump consider himself an honest politician? I don’t see how he could.

Trump’s attorneys said he should not be impeached because he was acting on the belief that his re-election is “in the public interest.” His re-election is not in my best interest, and in 2016 about 3 million other people felt the same way.

No one is safe from his rambling and attacks. In December 2019, he says former representation John Dingell (deceased) could be “looking up,” insinuating he’s in hell, and says the same thing about Lyndon Johnson in January 2020.

At the State of the Union, he awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. This award has been given to people such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Limbaugh said Obama had “more African in his roots than American,” said that slavery had its merits, and Mexican immigrants are “stupid and unskilled.” Is this the hate-spewing type of person Trump decides should receive the medal? Looks like birds of a feather to me.

He is an extremely dangerous man.

Clifford Brown


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