Carbon Bill would cripple rural Oregon

Again we have a carbon bill that will cripple rural Oregon and the whole state. This bill will affect over 4 million Oregon people.

This bill will raise taxes as often as they want on gas, diesel, heating oil, propane and natural gas. This bill will limit funding for our transportation, highway, bridges, etc.

The group bringing this bill forward has stated that the additional taxes on fuel will force people to buy electric cars. The average person can’t afford these cars that only get limited mileage.

They say we will follow California’s lead. California has had their “Carbon bill” for six years, and today they are putting more carbon in the air than they were before. I ask you to do your research and find out for yourself that this is true.

California has raised their fuel taxes many times to try and cover the cost of their carbon bill putting billions into accounts they can’t keep track of. Jobs that were promised to come and go and disappear, leaving people looking again. The same will happen here. These billions of dollars of our “carbon” tax dollars yearly will go into the hands of agencies that for over 25 years have been in the news for losing hundreds of millions to fraud and corruption. This would continue. I say tell our Legislatures to vote no on this bad bill and elect Legislatures that want to help the people of Oregon, not hurt them.

Bill J. Kluting


Kudos to Polk County Sheriff’s Office

My barn was broken into this past Saturday. Missing were power equipment and shop equipment. Thinking that filing a report with the sheriff’s office would give me the necessities for the insurance claim, I called in about 10 a.m. I was astonished when a sheriff’s deputy came to my house door only minutes later and, after a professional introduction, began the first steps of an investigation. In the next hours, I visited L&L Equipment to get serial numbers for the equipment; the deputy cross-checked and found some of the equipment was pawned; and as the hours progressed, the very astute, diligent deputy had most of my stolen property returned to me and a suspect in custody. For those reading this who, like myself, thought, “I will never see this stuff again,” think again. Polk County Sheriff’s Department has talented and resourceful personnel that cracked my case in hours. I was amazed and very proud of the role the department has in keeping all in Polk County safe.

Edward Powell


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