A tip to get local channels back

I would like to pass along a little information if I may to my neighbors who have recently lost CBS television because of a dispute between the owner of the local CBS station and a certain Satellite Company. I am a subscriber to the TV satellite company that just had CBS disappear.

When I called the satellite company, after a short conversation I learned they would send me for free a device to restore the channel. This is not something they are advertising so you need to actually ask for it if you are interested.

I thought this information might be helpful to those who are waiting for these two businesses to resolve their differences.

Craig Hayes


We must all do our part, however small

It seems that the Republican disease of climate change denial has made it from Washington, D.C., all the way to Oregon. While we continue to spew more pollutants into the atmosphere, we claim that there is nothing we can do to mitigate the problem, because we are too small a part of the problem. Hogwash. Of course we can only play our small part, but so must we all. By doing our small part, we can be an example to other states, and at least begin to address the issue of human-influenced climate change. What will you tell your grandchildren that you did to address the most important issue of our times? Threatened your fellow legislators?

Dale Derouin


Fireworks were a blast, now for Krazy Dayz

Dallas Fire & EMS was pleased to present our 2019 fireworks show Red, White and Boom on July 4. This event would not have been possible without the support and assistance of the city of Dallas. We hope the thousands in attendance at Roger Jordan Park and La Creole Middle School enjoyed the changes, and new additions, we made to the show this year. Please share your comments with us on the Dallas Fire & EMS Facebook page.

We thank the community for its continued support and look forward to seeing you all at the end of July at Dallas Krazy Dayz, and hope you bounce on over to the fire station on Friday night, July 26, from 5 to 8 p.m. for our open house and kick-off celebration.

Eriks Gabliks

Deputy chief, Dallas Fire & EMS


Roundabouts are safer than traffic lights

People need to get their facts straight regarding roundabouts. My son works for the city of Denver as an engineer in the traffic department. In the years roundabouts have been in existence in Colorado, there has not been one fatality due to the use of roundabouts. Can the same claim be made about fatalities in four-way traffic light-controlled intersections? There will always be distracted drivers who will run red lights and cause high-speed wrecks, resulting in deaths.

If there is an accident in a roundabout, it ends up being a fender-bender and not a fatality due to reduced speeds.

According to my son, roundabouts are initially more expensive to construct; however, in the long-run, four-way traffic light-controlled intersections are more costly due to maintenance that they require.

Roundabouts are maintenance-free.

The statistics overwhelmingly support the safety of roundabouts. As you recall, a 13-year-old was killed by a distracted driver running a red light at Suver Road and Highway 99W recently.

I moved here from a city where roundabouts are common. They are not hard to use, traffic runs smoothly, and you don’t have to wait the two minutes for the light to change. Go to ODOT and read about what exactly is being proposed, including a freight bypass lane, statistics regarding prior accidents at traffic light-controlled intersections in our area, and the safety of roundabouts with hard facts.

Why people are still opposed to saving lives is beyond me.

Jodie Bailey


Thanks for celebrating with barbershop

Just a special thanks to friends and customers who participated in my 10-year celebration at Dallas Barbershop on June 15.

I appreciate those who cooked, set up, and made it all work. Also, Jolene Guzman and the I-O for coming up as well.

Rick Hilker


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