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Brown needs to own her actions

I have read the letters to the editor and I am disappointed that fellow Oregonians would say that Sen. Boquist has threatened OSP with violence or that he would shoot them. I am also disappointed in the editor of this newspaper for allowing people to make such wild claims.

Mr. Olson writes, “Boquist’s threat to kill State Troopers.” Please show me the specific language where he said “kill State Troopers.” Ms. Audin writes, “suggesting that he would shoot.” Where does the Senator say anything about shooting?

I have not been able to find proof that Sen. Boquist said, “hell is coming to visit you personally.” However I did hear the Senator say;

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

None of the above quote says that he will use violence against OSP. I am not going to read between the lines on this. He either said he would use violence or he didn’t.

I am disappointed in our Governor for showing such poor leadership that she thinks that she needs to send police armed with automatic weapons to handcuff opponents and haul them back to the Capitol. That in my mind is an actual threat of violence. What is the officer to do if the Senator tries to run? Tackle him or her?

Criticize Boquist if you will, but Governor Brown has to own this.

Gary Weis


Traffic light better solution to roundabout

As I travel daily through the intersection at Clow Corner Road and Highway 99W, I am continually convinced that the problem of fatal accidents there is a combination of inattentive drivers (cell/smartphones), lack of head lights on, and lack of a traffic light.

A traffic light (like the one at the intersection of 99W and Hoffman Road, about a mile away) would solve the problem. There are traffic lights on 99w in Rickreall and Monmouth and at Hoffman Road. I have never heard a complaint about any of them. I have never heard reports of accidents (fatal or otherwise) at any of them.

Please put a traffic light at Clow Corner Road and, after two years, let’s see if the accidents continue. This will save many lives and save millions of dollars better used for other causes. A roundabout would complicate matters and be a mess for large agricultural vehicles and double/triple semis. The solution is to re-design the intersection with clear views in all directions and install a traffic light.

Randolph Osman

Falls City

Urban Renewal advisory committee left in the dark

I am a member of the Dallas Urban Renewal District Advisory Committee (URDAC). URDAC is tasked with assisting the Dallas Urban Renewal Agency (URA) Directors by researching issues and making recommendations involving the Urban Renewal District.

At our June 4 meeting, we learned the city plans to send out Requests For Proposals (RFP) for the 600-700 block of Main Street Streetscape project “… in the third week of June, in anticipation of starting the work after Krazy Days.” This was a surprise for us.

URDAC has been excluded from the planning phase of this project. We have not been consulted or contacted regarding our ideas, goals or expectations for this project. There have been no informational meetings or opportunities for public comments. We have spent countless hours discussing the successes and shortcomings of other projects we have completed in the district; walking the streets, creating priority lists and encouraging involvement with stakeholders. Several months ago, we received a packet of “draft” plans with no explanations, notes or presentations. We assumed there would be further contact with city staff, engineers, architects, etc. — since we had a “hands-on” participation level with Mill Street, Court Street and Main Street projects.

This is a project with a projected cost of $1.5 million (of Urban Renewal District funds) and we will have to live with the results for decades. When the URA Directors were informed of this situation, not one of them lifted a finger to slow the project down or ask questions. Disappointing. Discouraging.

Joseph Koubek


Kettle calling skillet black

When advising folks to try kindness first, Micky Garus should practice what he preaches. Did he not make news for xenophobic remarks about Muslims? If that was “fake news,” I sincerely apologize. If not, we got us a kettle calling the skillet black.

Mike Neufeldt


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