Bounty Market gone too soon

It has recently been brought to my attention that there will no longer be a Bounty Market in Dallas.

The news was sad to hear, not only because I am a vendor, but I felt that many people not only in the local community, but neighboring areas, really enjoyed coming to the market. Moving back to the courthouse area, many people were adjusting to the move, but also being available every week to once a month was an adjustment, too. But people were getting used to it. The change made it hard on vendors who sold fresh produce, but they did what they could to help offer their wares to the community.

Many enjoyed the opportunity to see and experience new items. Personally, I don’t think the market was given a chance once the city got involved, but what can I say.

I have heard people complaining that residents support farmers markets in neighboring towns, and supporting the locals should be important, but how can that happen when the town takes away any means for support?

Deb Darr

Falls City

Eliminate positions rather than raise fees

The best possible solution to the City of Dallas short fall to the fees they have pushed on us is to get rid of one police officer and one firefighter. I think we are all tired of fees and taxes pushed down our throats. Is the city trying to run everyone out of the city?

Ferrell True


Dallas needs to ‘get its act together’

The water increase to fund the police and fire are absolutely outrages. I understand we need additional services, but to hold our utilities hostage? This should be in the city budget. I predicted this would happen the minute I saw it was introduced and open-ended. In other words, they can increase at will, and that is exactly what is happening. Have you ever considered the people who are on a fixed income? I do know of an older lady who is having trouble meeting this obligation. I also understand there is help for them, but they really would like to be independent rather than beholding to the government. Again, this should be included in the city budget. You need to get your act together and do the right thing.

Moira Gates


James2 grateful for grant

Thank you Dallas Community Foundation.

James2 Community Kitchen was one of the 25 recipients that received a grant at the Dallas Community Foundation awards ceremony, held March 6. We received a grant again this year, and the grant money is used solely to purchase food that is prepared and served at the Dallas Alliance Church on Tuesdays, and the Dallas Methodist Church on Thursdays. These meals are free to the public,and anyone that would like to attend is encouraged to do so; however, due to COVID-19, the James2 Community Kitchen will be closed until further notice.

In 2019, there were over 5,800 meals served and over 200 volunteers that helped make that happen. The James2 Community Kitchen Board members, and all of the volunteers, would like to thank the Dallas Community Foundation for this generous grant. It is greatly appreciated, and needed. Please stay tuned for information on when the kitchen will re-open.

Loretta Hodous

Board Member


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